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Antarctica is a proper noun.  Antarctica is (1) an extremely cold continent at the south pole almost entirely below the Antarctic Circle; covered by an ice cap up to 13,000 feet deep.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun Antarctica.
  • Antarctica
    Antarctica currently hosts an ever-rotating group of scientists who study the unique and pristine environment there. However, Antarctica has no permanent residents and no native population.
  • Antarctica
    Antarctica, the southernmost continent on Earth, is home to migratory birds and penguins but no reptiles or land mammals. Very little plant life can survive in the cold, dry climate of Antarctica.
  • History of Antarctica
    Antarctica was first sighted in 1820. But it was not until 1895 that a group of Norwegian whalers actually landed on the continent.
  • Antarctica Travel Guide
    Antarctica is a cruise destination for those with an adventurous spirit who come to see its snowy ice caps, rugged terrain, and abundance of polar animals.
  • Antarctica Tourism
    This illustrated Antarctica page highlights the attractions of a remote tourist destination that relatively few people ever visit.
The following articles provide recent Antarctica-related news.
  • Antarctica's krill shift south as icy waters warm
    Krill are shifting south towards Antarctica as the oceans warm, disrupting stocks that are eaten by penguins and whales and caught by industrial trawlers, scientists said on Monday.
    Reuters.  Monday, 21 Jan 2019 11:10:20 -0500.
  • Antarctica's ice is rapidly melting
    A new scientific study found Antarctica is melting six times faster than 40 years ago. The rapid increase in ice melt could trigger a cascade of land-ice into the ocean in the coming centuries. ...
    CBS News.  Friday, 18 Jan 2019 01:31:32 +0000.
  • Antarctica's melt quickens, risks meters of sea level rise: study
    Overall, the scientists said that the melt of Antarctica added water equivalent to 13.2 millimeters (0.5 inch) of sea level rise over the past four decades. ...
    Yahoo.  Monday, 14 Jan 2019 23:11:04 -0500.
  • Antarctica ice loss increases six fold since 1979: study
    TAMPA (AFP) - Global warming is melting ice in Antarctica faster than ever before - about six times more per year now than 40 years ago - leading to increasingly high sea levels worldwide, scientists warned on Monday (Jan 14).
    Straits Times.  Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019 07:08:05 +0800.
  • Study: Antarctica Ice Loss Increases Six Fold since 1979
    Global warming is melting ice in Antarctica faster than ever before -- about six times more per year now than 40 years ago -- leading to increasingly high sea levels worldwide, scientists warned on Monday. ...
    Voice of America.  Monday, 14 Jan 2019 16:14:04 -0500.
  • Ice shelf in Antarctica could face melting risk
    The Ross Ice Shelf appears to be melting in previously unknown ways.
    ABC News.  Monday, 14 Jan 2019 13:50:05 -0500.
  • Are Zodiacs The Future Of Luxury Cruising?
    approximately 50,000 tourists visited Antarctica during the 2017-2018 season. About 10,000 of those visitors were cruise only, while the balance were on expedition cruises that made landfall on the Antarctic continent.
    By Joseph V Micallef, Contributor.  Forbes.  Sunday, 13 Jan 2019 11:24:00 -0500.
  • Lou Rudd on the songs that got him through solo Antarctica trek
    Two explorers recently made history by crossing Antarctica alone without any help on the way. The trek has been attempted before, but was never completed. ...
    CBS News.  Monday, 07 Jan 2019 14:54:36 +0000.
  • First British explorer crosses Antarctica solo
    Captain Louis Rudd has become the first British explorer to complete an unassisted journey across the continent of Antarctica.
    Sky News.  Saturday, 29 Dec 2018 13:54:00 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the proper noun Antarctica.
Antarctica Outline
Antarctica Outline

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