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The word city is a noun.  City means (1) people living in a large densely populated municipality, (2) a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts, (3) an incorporated administrative district established by state charter.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word city.
  • Visit Oklahoma City
    Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city in the state of Oklahoma. The county seat of Oklahoma County, the city ranks 30th among USA cities in population. The mission of the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau (OKC CVB) is to promote Oklahoma City as a visitor destination. They also help contribute to the economic well-being of Oklahoma City and its citizens by soliciting and servicing conventions and other related group business.
  • City of Kansas City, Missouri
    Browse the official government web site of the City of Kansas City, Missouri to learn about city services for business, residents, and visitors. Find Kansas City government departments, e-services, forms, and maps.
  • City of Chicago
    This official guide to the City of Chicago features information about city agencies and services. Read about the Chicago city government, and learn about visiting and living in the city of Chicago, Illinois.
  • City of Columbus
    The official website for the City of Columbus, Ohio has information about city department and services. Learn about the Columbus city government, and read about visiting and living in the city of Columbus.
  • City of San Antonio
    This official guide to the City of San Antonio features information about city agencies and services. Read about the San Antonio city government, and learn about visiting and living in the city of San Antonio, Texas.
  • City of San Diego
    This official guide to the City of San Diego features information about city agencies and services. Read about the San Diego city government, and learn about visiting and living in the city of San Diego, California.
  • City of Virginia Beach
    Learn about the City of Virginia Beach on this official city government web site. Read about the City Hall and the City Council, as well as the operations and services of the Virginia Beach government.
  • Mexico City Map
    This Mexico City address locator map can help you find points of interest in Mexico City. You will also find information and maps of Mexico.
  • New York City Map
    The New-York-City-Map.com website features several maps of New York City as well as information about the geography, history, and culture of the City of New York.
  • City of Baltimore
    Chartered in 1797, the City of Baltimore is a busy industrial port located to the west of the Chesapeake Bay. Read about the Baltimore city government and its services. Learn about visiting and living in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.
  • City of Cleveland
    Official website of the City of Cleveland. Read about the Cleveland city government, as well as its services and resources. Learn about visiting and living in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.
  • City of Dallas
    This official Dallas City web portal has information about elected officials, city services, and government departments. Read about the Dallas city government, and learn about visiting and living in Dallas, Texas.
  • City of Houston
    Browse the official City of Houston site where you can interact with and learn about the city government that serves its businesses, residents, and visitors. Find Houston photos and learn about city agencies.
  • City of Las Vegas
    Find information for visitors, residents, and business at the official City of Las Vegas web site. Learn about the city government and its departments as well as city demographics, building codes, and more.
  • City of Miami
    The official City of Miami website features information about city agencies and organizations. Read about the Miami city government, and learn about visiting, working in, and living in Miami, Florida.
  • New York City
    This official New York City web site provides the public with convenient access to information about New York City agencies, programs, and services. Residents, visitors, and businesses alike can find helpful news and resources about the City of New York, New York.
  • Oklahoma City
    The official Oklahoma City web site features news and information about city government, a directory of services for residents and businesses, and a guide to travel and tourism attractions in the city.
  • City of Seattle
    The official City of Seattle site features information about Seattle city government departments and services. Learn about living, working, and visiting in the city of Seattle, Washington. Site topics include Arts and Recreation, Community, and Environment as well as Public Safety, Transportation, and Utilities.
  • Kansas City Star
    The Kansas City Star, published since 1880, is a daily newspaper located in Kansas City, Missouri. Both Harry Truman and Ernest Hemmingway at one time worked for the Star. It is a source for sports, local news, business, real estate, shopping, etc. in the Kansas City area.
  • City Maps
    This city map portal reviews the growth and development of cities throughout the ages and provides access to maps of major cities in the USA.
  • City of Atlanta
    Learn about the Atlanta, Georgia city government, including its city council as well as its departments and agencies.
  • City of Austin
    Official City of Austin website. Read about the Austin city government, and its services and resources. Learn about visiting and living in Austin, Texas.
  • City of Detroit
    The official website for the City of Detroit features information about city departments, elected officials, and services for residents, businesses, and visitors.
  • City of Los Angeles
    The official web site for the City of Los Angeles has information about city departments and services for residents and businesses, as well as recreation and tourism information.
The following articles provide recent city-related news.
  • Remembering Aretha Franklin: Chicago crowned her the 'Queen of Soul'
    Aretha Franklin frequently visited the city of Chicago with her father, a powerful pastor who was part of the Civil Rights Movement, and before long Chicagoans noticed her talent. It sparked a title she would carry for the rest of her life.
    ABC News.  Friday, 17 Aug 2018 03:29:49 UTC.
  • Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen visits Belize looking to shore up support
    BELIZE CITY (REUTERS) - Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in Belize on Thursday (Aug 16) as she seeks to shore up dwindling alliances in the face of pressure from China to stamp out the island's international recognition.
    Straits Times.  Friday, 17 Aug 2018 08:28:17 +0800.
  • Afghan Dream of a Better Life Ends in a Hilltop Mass Grave
    The students left villages for the capital city to pursue an education and lift themselves and their families out of poverty. A suicide bombing ended all that.
    Mujib Mashal and Fatima Faizi.  New York Times.  Thursday, 16 Aug 2018 23:18:25 GMT.

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