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The word cowboy is a noun.  Cowboy means (1) a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback, (2) someone who is reckless or irresponsible (especially in driving vehicles), (3) a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word cowboy.
  • Cowboy Boots
    Cowboy boots are not just for cowboys anymore. Many people from all walks of life enjoy wearing cowboy boots, whether for utilitarian purposes or simply as a fashion statement.
  • Cowboy Hat Care
    Cowboy hats require proper care in order to ensure maximum life span. This website details several care tips for cleaning cowboy hats.
  • Cowboy Hat Construction
    Cowboy hats are made of fur felt, which is a fabric made from animal-fur fibers. Use this website to learn about the steps used to make cowboy hats.
  • Western Clothing
    Visit this western clothing retailer directory to find western clothing retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts western boots, a cowboy hat, and a pair of jeans.
  • Western Boots
    There are four main variations of western cowboy boots: the Wellington, the full Wellington, the packer lace-up, and the Hollywood style, which is the most popular today.
The following articles provide recent cowboy-related news.
  • Salva Kiir: South Sudan's president in a cowboy hat
    Find out about the rebel commander who became the first president of Africa's newest country and has presided over its descent into civil war.
    BBC News.  Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 15:10:10 GMT.
  • San Francisco to reconsider removal of statue deemed racist
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Activists urging the removal of a prominent 19th century statue in San Francisco depicting a Native American at the feet of a Spanish cowboy and a Catholic missionary will get another chance to make their case. ...
    Washington Times.  Thursday, 14 Jun 2018 11:37:41 -0400.
  • The First Family of Rodeo
    Will a cowboy legend have what it takes to recapture the championship?
    Smithsonian.  Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 16:02:49 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the word cowboy.
Rodeo Cowboy Silhouette
Cowboy Riding a Horse at a Rodeo

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