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The word decoration is a noun.  Decoration means (1) the act of decorating something (in the hope of making it more attractive), (2) something used to beautify, (3) an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word decoration.
  • Party Decorations
    Visit this party decorations retailer directory to find party decoration retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts colorful party balloons.
  • Cake Decorating
    Cake decorating is a highly sought-after culinary skill, and every cake is unique! Cakes can be iced with butter cream, royal, fondant, or cooked icings, and may feature various embellishments as well.
  • Large Format Printers
    Photo of a large format printer. Large format printing is used for applications such as art reproduction, sign printing, billboards, textile printing, interior decoration, and even vinyl wraps.
  • Wall Clocks
    A wall clock can serve as a stylish wall decoration in addition to telling time. Modern wall clocks use quartz movements run by battery power, while traditional wall clocks may rely on weights and pendulums.
The following articles provide recent decoration-related news.
  • The Most Exciting Home Decoration Trends This Season, Part 2
    In our second and final installment, we give you a breakdown of some of the most important trends coming your way with a preview of notable products by established and up-and-coming brands to provide you with some home decorating inspiration.
    By Y-jean Mun-delsalle, Contributor.  Forbes.  Sunday, 25 Feb 2018 10:57:00 -0500.
  • Company Will Make You a Watch From Recycled Ford Mustang Parts
    Though it may not be possible to return every classic Ford Mustang to the road, pony cars that are beyond saving can at least live on as decoration for your wrist. ...
    Alex Nishimoto.  Motor Trend.  Friday, 08 Dec 2017 20:30:19 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the word decoration.
Christmas Decoration
Conifer Cone and Fir Branch Decorations

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