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North Dakota is a proper noun.  North Dakota is (1) a state of north central United States bordering on Canada.
The following articles provide more information about the term North Dakota.
  • North Dakota Map
    North Dakota is the 17th largest USA state, bordered by South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Visit this site to find printable maps of North Dakota.
  • North Dakota State Government
    The state capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. Learn about the agencies and services of North Dakota's state government. Browse the North Dakota tourism information, and read about living and working in the Peace Garden State.
  • North Dakota Real Estate Guide
    Learn about urban, suburban, and rural real estate markets in North Dakota. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the North Dakota real estate resources on this page.
  • North Dakota Atlas
    North Dakota state history, geography, and travel information are the subjects of this North Dakota atlas page.
  • North Dakota National Parks
    This National Park directory page lists National Parks, Historic Landmarks, and Natural Landmarks in the State of North Dakota. An interactive North Dakota map, plus photos and highlights, are included thereon.
  • University of North Dakota
    This public research university, the oldest and largest in North Dakota, is located in Grand Forks. UND is home to well-regarded medical, law and aviation schools, and it strives to provide a world-class education in a low-key, friendly atmosphere.
  • Minnesota Map
    Minnesota is the 14th largest state in the USA, bordered by Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Lake Superior, and the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba. This site includes several maps of Minnesota.
  • Montana Map
    Montana is the 4th largest state in the USA, bordered by North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.
  • South Dakota Map
    South Dakota is the 16th largest USA state, bordered by North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, and Wyoming. Visit this site to learn more about South Dakota and find printable maps of the state.
The following articles provide recent North Dakota-related news.
  • Heitkamp Apologizes for Embarrassing Error in Campaign Ad
    The North Dakota Senator, an endangered Democrat, ran an ad criticizing her opponent for comments about sexual abuse. But it backfired, just three weeks before the midterms.
    Sydney Ember.  New York Times.  Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 02:44:22 GMT.
  • Heitkamp apologizes for advertisement
    Sen. Heidi Heitkamp apologized Tuesday for misidentifying victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape who were listed in a recent North Dakota newspaper ad aimed at her opponent.
    Associated Press.  ABC News.  Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018 20:53:55 GMT.
  • Poor weather over week puts a damper on North Dakota harvest
    FARGO, N.D. (AP) - North Dakota farmers made little progress on the late-season harvest in the past week due to poor weather. ...
    Washington Times.  Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018 08:30:35 -0400.
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North Dakota Flag
North Dakota Flag

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