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The word pest is a noun.  Pest means (1) a persistently annoying person.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word pest.
  • Pest Control Equipment and Supplies
    Visit this pest control products manufacturer directory for information about pest control equipment and supplies manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The photo on this page shows a pest control sprayer.
  • Pest Control Guide
    Browse this pest control company guide and directory to learn about pest control services in the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts spraying crops with a pesticide for agricultural pest control purposes.
  • Pest Control Equipment and Supplies
    Visit this pest control equipment and supplies directory to find pest control equipment and pest control supplies retailers in the USA. The photo on this web page depicts a dead cockroach.
  • Pest Control Careers
    This pest control company page comprises information about pest control careers in the United States of America plus a photograph of termite damage in dry wood.
  • Pest Control
    One of the biggest worries to a plant nursery is pests. Learn about pest control and how to identify pests on this informative website.
  • Deer-Resistant Gardening
    Deer are beautiful, but they can be a real nuisance when it comes to your lawn and garden. Learn about deer resistant plants and find deer resistant gardening ideas to keep them away.
The following articles provide pest-related news.
  • Z-Trap Boosts Crop Scouting
    Z-Trap 1 is an electronic insect trap allowing for remote monitoring of pest problems. The automated process of capturing and counting insects carries the potential for labor savings and greater accuracy of pesticide applications.
    Julianne Johnston.  Farm Journal Media.  Monday, 19 Dec 2016 22:18:00 GMT.

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