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The word wicker is a noun.  Wicker means (1) work made of interlaced slender branches (especially willow branches), (2) slender flexible branches or twigs (especially of willow or some canes); used for wickerwork.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word wicker.
  • Caring for Wicker Furniture
    Wicker furniture can add a romantic touch to any room of the house. Learn how to keep your wicker furniture in good condition with this helpful guide to wicker furniture care.
  • Wicker Furniture
    Wicker furniture is constructed of hard woven plant fibers such as willow switches, rattan stalks, or straw reeds. Wicker furniture was popular in Victorian times and continues to hold nostalgic appeal.
  • Wicker Gift Basket
    A cellophane-wrapped and ribbon-tied gourmet gift basket is ready to present to a client. Included in the basket are sausages and cheese, crackers and nuts, and chips and dip.