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The phrase air conditioning is a noun.  Air Conditioning means (1) a system that keeps air cool and dry.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the phrase air conditioning.
  • Air Conditioning
    Browse this air conditioning manufacturer directory for information about air conditioning manufacturers and distributors in the United States. The concept drawing on this page depicts the concepts of residential air conditioning and heating.
  • Central Air Conditioning
    Picture of a central air conditioning compressor partially covered with snow. Central air conditioning is a luxury on hot summer days, and a must in sticky, humid climates.
  • Auto Air Conditioning and Heating
    Visit this auto air conditioning and heating retailer directory to find auto air conditioning and auto heating suppliers in the United States. The macro photo on this page shows an automobile air conditioner control knob.
  • Air Conditioning Organizations
    This page lists several air conditioning contractors and associations and gives a description of each organization. Links to a/c organization websites are included.
  • Air Conditioners
    Air-Conditioners.us features information about types of air conditioners, as well as links to air conditioning organizations.
  • How Central Air Works
    Central air conditioning helps keeps home and buildings cool on hot, muggy days. Learn more about how it works with this helpful guide to central air.
  • Air Conditioning Directory
    Browse this air conditioning directory for information about air conditioning contractors in the United States. The photograph on this page depicts an HVAC contractor repairing a central air conditioning unit.
  • Air Duct Cleaner Directory
    Browse this air duct cleaning directory for information about air duct cleaning services in the United States. The photograph on this page depicts sheet metal air conditioning ducts.
  • Room Air Conditioners
    Room air conditioners are typically used to cool one or two rooms and are inexpensive alternatives to central air conditioning systems. Most units are designed to fit conveniently in a double-hung window.
The following articles provide recent air conditioning-related news.
  • Eight killed after Beryl sweeps across US
    Millions of Americans in southeast Texas endured brutally hot conditions on Tuesday without the relief of air conditioning after deadly Tropical Storm Beryl knocked out power to a large portion of the region.
    Straits Times.  Wednesday, 10 Jul 2024 08:40:42 +0800.
  • Team USA is bringing its own air conditioning to the Paris Olympics
    2024 Paris Olympics organizers say air conditioning isn't needed as athlete accommodation has "eco-focused cooling solutions." Team USA isn't convinced.
    CBS News.  Thursday, 27 Jun 2024 11:16:56 -0400.
  • US schools sending students home for 'heat days'
    US schools that lack or have limited air conditioning are letting students out of class during heatwaves.
    BBC News.  Friday, 21 Jun 2024 01:05:18 GMT.
The following pages provide more extensive air conditioning news.
  • Air Conditioning News
    Recent news stories about the topic air conditioning, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • Air Conditioning Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag air conditioning.
The following digital image illustrates the phrase air conditioning.
Central Air Conditioning Compressor Unit Central Air Conditioning Compressor Unit
Central Air Conditioning Compressor Unit

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