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Alberta is a proper noun.  Alberta is (1) one of the three prairie provinces in western Canada; rich in oil and natural gas and minerals.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun Alberta.
  • Alberta
    Alberta is one of Canada's prairie provinces, along with Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Learn more about Alberta and find helpful government and tourism links.
  • Alberta, Canada
    Alberta, one of the provinces of Canada, is located next to British Columbia. Its largest city and capital is Edmonton. On this site, users can find out about Alberta's government, climate, history, people, and tourism, as well as view photos of the province.
  • Saskatchewan
    Saskatchewan is a Canadian province bordered by Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east. Learn more about the province of Saskatchewan and find links to government and tourism for the region.
  • Montana Map
    Montana is the 4th largest state in the USA, bordered by North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.
The following articles provide recent Alberta-related news.
  • Dramatic video shows firefighters running in Alberta
    Thousands of firefighters have been battling multiple fires in Western Canada.
    BBC News.  Monday, 22 May 2023 18:07:36 GMT.
  • Canada Wildfires Rage in Alberta and British Columbia
    Wildfires raging in Alberta and British Columbia have created a sense of panic and fear, and forced thousands of residents to evacuate from their homes.
    Dan Bilefsky.  New York Times.  Monday, 22 May 2023 15:52:15 +0000.
  • ETFs in Focus as Oil Prices Rise
    After declining for four consecutive weeks, oil prices rose against the backdrop of the United States' plans to acquire crude for its SPR and the Alberta wildfires. Take a look into ETFs to gain exposure to the energy market.
    Yashwardhan Jain.  Zacks.  Tuesday, 16 May 2023 23:00:00 GMT.
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Alberta Flag Alberta Flag
Alberta Flag

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