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The word baked is an adjective.  Baked means (1) (of bread and pastries) cooked by dry heat (as in an oven), (2) hardened by subjecting to intense heat, (3) dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word baked.
  • Baked Goods
    Browse this baked goods manufacturer directory for information about baked goods manufacturers and distributors in the United States. The photo on this page shows an assorted baked goods display.
  • Baking Careers
    This baking product supplier page comprises information about baking careers in the United States of America plus a photo of a baker presenting a freshly baked loaf of bread.
  • Bakery Directory
    Check out this bakery directory for information about retail bakeries and wholesale bakeries in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts bakery bread, white flour, and wheat.
  • Cherry Cake
    Read the fascinating story about the evolution and development of a cherry cake recipe. Cherry cake and pineapple cake photographs and recipes are included on the website.
  • Kitchen Appliances
    Kitchen appliances include refrigerators, freezers, ovens, cook-tops, microwaves, and much more. Appliances for the kitchen come in various styles and finishes, including stainless steel and baked enamel colors.
The following digital image illustrates the word baked.
Baked Ham and Vegetables
Baked Ham with Roasted Vegetables

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