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The word banner is a noun.  Banner means (1) long strip of cloth for decoration or advertising, (2) a newspaper headline that runs across the full pageBanner is also an adjective that means (1) unusually good; outstanding.
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  • My Way
    My Way is a search engine powered by selected information and news providers, with no banner ads or pop-ups. On My Way, users can customize their sites to give one-click access to features and services on other sites. Users also have a choice of several other search engines to search the web. On the home page, users can find news, searching by topic, how to sign up for My Way, email and much more.
    XIGLA software provides generic web based solutions aimed at fulfilling different requirements for the medium and small-sized business. Their newest product is Absolute Video Channel, which enables companies to form their own TV channel. Other products include live customer support software, web site content manager, newsletter management software, banner ad management software, and more.
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'Happy New Year' Banner 'Happy New Year' Banner
'Happy New Year' Banner

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