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The word black-and-white is an adjective.  Black-and-white means (1) not having or not capable of producing colors.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word black-and-white.
  • Appeals Attorney Directory
    Visit this appeals attorney directory for information about appeals attorneys in the USA. The black-and-white photograph on this page depicts an attorney reading a criminal law book.
  • Embroidery and Needlework Supplies
    Visit this embroidery supplies manufacturer directory for information about embroidery and needlework supplies manufacturers in the United States. The black-and-white illustration on this page depicts a needle and thread.
  • Grill
    A black-and-white image of a new gas grill is photographed on a graduated gray background. The grill is open to reveal the large cook top, which is capable of holding a large amount of meats and vegetables during a backyard party or barbecue.
The following articles provide recent black-and-white-related news.
  • Shades of neurotic behavior emerge early in 'Ripley'
    The desaturated black-and-white aesthetic of the limited series subliminally deepens the unsettling persona of the con artist portrayed by Andrew Scott.
    Daron James.  Los Angeles Times.  Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024 14:15:58 GMT.
  • Between Dives, Orcas Take Only a Single Breath
    A new study finds the black-and-white marine mammals tend to make shorter, shallower dives compared to humpback and blue whales, making orcas the "sprinters" of the ocean
    Smithsonian.  Thursday, 30 May 2024 19:08:27 +0000.
  • Chinese zoo paints dogs black-and-white to look like pandas
    A Chinese zoo that compensated for not being given any giant pandas has become a laughing stock after colouring two Chow Chow dogs black and white to make them look like pandas.
    Oliver Browning.  The Independent.  Saturday, 18 May 2024 11:56:30 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the hyphenated phrase black-and-white.
Black-and-White Rose Photograph Black-and-White Rose Photograph
Black-and-White Rose Photograph

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