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The word blackboard is a noun.  Blackboard means (1) sheet of slate; for writing with chalk.
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  • Blackboard
    Blackboard is a software product especially suited to an educational setting. It connects students, faculty, administration, and staff. It facilitates communication between large and small groups, including exchanges at the classroom level whereby teachers and students can exchange material and ideas. The website describes the various products, the support offered, and how to obtain the software.
  • Moodle
    Moodle, located in Perth, Australia, is a free, open source e-learning platform that has been compared to Blackboard. The software was developed to help educators set up and manage online courses. Development of the software began in 1999 and has since evolved to enhance its interactive properties and ease of use. It has been translated into 61 languages.
  • Qarbon
    Founded in 1997, Qarbon is a producer of presentation software. With it, trainers, technologists, marketers, or support personnel can create and publish interactive presentations, demos, simulations and tutorials in minutes. The software is currently used by such organizations as BlackBoard.com, Sony, Lucent, Turner Broadcasting, and many others. They also provide service and training.
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Arithmetic Equation on a Blackboard Arithmetic Equation on a Blackboard
Arithmetic Equation on a Blackboard

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