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The word browser is a noun.  Browser means (1) a program used to view HTML documents, (2) a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word browser.
  • Signing Savvy
    This American Sign Language resource provides animated video demonstrations and text for sign language versions of English words.
  • Netscape
    Netscape Communications Corporation is a computer company best known for its web browser Netscape. At one time Netscape was the number 1 browser but has since lost its dominance to Internet Explorer. Netscape is part of AOL, LLC, a Time Warner company.
  • Google Toolbar
    From this site, users can download the Google toolbar to any browser. There are also many buttons and other tools that can be added to customize a user's toolbar.
  • Xfinity
    This is the website for Comcast's browser. On it, users can search the Internet, send and receive mail, read breaking news, weather, and sports, browse shopping sites, travel, dating, and jobs. Also links to stock quotes, entertainment news, TV listings, White and Yellow pages, directions, and much more. Users can also sign up for other Comcast services on this website. English and Spanish.
  • Firefox
    Firefox, a web browser, is produced and disseminated by Mozilla, a non-profit company that offers all its products for free. Firefox is known for its excellent online security and also provides many add-ons such as maps, blog searchers, chat rooms, and much more.
  • Mozilla Project
    Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization that develops and disseminates software products. They are the producers of Foxfire, a popular web browser, and Thunderbird, which provides access to email. The website describes the Mozilla Foundation and also provides information about joining.
  • Opera
    Opera software is based in Oslo, Norway. It is an Internet browser and Internet suite which offers many familiar website features. Opera Software can be run on PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, game consoles and interactive TV. The software is available without charge.
  • Ubuntu
    Ubuntu is a community-developed, Linux-based operating system that is good for laptops, desktops, and servers. It contains a web browser, presentation, document, and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and more. The software is free and can be downloaded from the website. Its first official release was in 2004. Users can find out more about the software and organization on the website.
  • W3Schools
    w3Schools is a free web development portal with tutorials on web development subjects such as HTML, JavaScript, and many others. There are also numerous examples for users to look at. The topics covered are tutorials, browser scripting, server scripting, multimedia, .net, references, quizzes, validation, certification, and more.
  • WhatWg
    WhatWg is a growing community of browser vendors, web developers and other people interested in the development of the next generation of HTML and related technologies, specifically designed to allow authors to write and deploy applications over the World Wide Web. The home site provides links to FAQs about the organization, blogs, forums, specs, wiki, and a downloadable mailing list.
The following articles provide recent browser-related news.

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