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Cambridge University is a proper noun.  Cambridge University is (1) a university in England.
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  • Cambridge University Press
    CUP is a department of Cambridge University in the UK. It is the oldest publisher in the world, operating since 1534, and also one of the largest. On the website, users can find a catalog of all their publications, searchable by subject. Also on the website are links to permissions and information about working for CUP.
  • The Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University
    The Computer Laboratory at Cambridge University in the UK is an academic department which encompasses computer science, engineering, technology and mathematics. There are 35 faculty and 140 PhD students. There is a specialized library and access to a publications database. Information about the faculty, research, applying, and job openings are all found on the website.
  • Cambridge International Dictionaries
    Free, online dictionary published by Cambridge University Press. Search British and American English lexicons as well as idioms and French or Spanish word translations.
  • Cambridge ESOL
    Cambridge ESOL is part of Cambridge Assessment at Cambridge University. It provides tests and exams in various aspects of the English language to over 8 million people in 150 countries. The tests are used to assess proficiency at various levels of competency. This website provides information about the tests and centres where they can be taken.
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Cambridge University under a Cloudy Sky
Cambridge University Building

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