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The word camp is a noun.  Camp means (1) temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers, (2) temporary lodgings in the country for travelers or vacationers, (3) a prison for forced laborers, (4) a site where care and activities are provided for children during the summer months, (5) shelter for persons displaced by war or political oppression or for religious beliefs, (6) something that is considered amusing not because of its originality but because of its unoriginality, (7) an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose, (8) a group of people living together in a campCamp is also a verb that means (1) give an artificially banal or sexual quality to, (2) establish or set up a camp, (3) live in or as if in a tentCamp is also an adjective that means (1) providing sophisticated amusement by virtue of having artificially (and vulgarly) mannered or banal or sentimental qualities.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word camp.
  • American Camp Association
    Founded in 1910, the American Camp Association (formerly known as the American Camping Association) is a community of camp professionals who have joined together to share their knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. In their role as camp professionals, they advocate quality, developmental experiences for children, youth, and families.
  • Beds
    Visit this beds retailer directory for information about bed retailers in the United States. The photograph on this web page depicts simple cots at a summer camp dormitory.
  • Camping Equipment
    Camping is a popular recreational activity for those who enjoy the outdoors. Find links to camping equipment stores for all of your camping needs.
  • RV Supplies
    Recreational vehicles provide a fun way to travel and camp. RV accessories include a basic tool kit, garden hose, water pressure regulator, and more.
The following articles provide recent camp-related news.
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