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The word car is a noun.  Car means (1) a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway, (2) 4-wheeled motor vehicle; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine, (3) a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad, (4) where passengers ride up and down, (5) car suspended from an airship and carrying personnel and cargo and power plant.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word car.
  • Car Audio and Video
    Browse this car audio and video retailer directory for information about car audio and car video retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts a vintage car radio.
  • Car Rims
    Rims refer to the wheels of a car, which are attached to their hubs by nuts and bolts. The rims of a car may or may not be concealed by a hub cap.
  • Car Storage Directory
    Browse this car storage provider directory for info about car storage services in the United States of America. The illustration on this page depicts the concept of secure car storage.
  • Car Audio and Video
    Browse this car audio and video manufacturer directory for information about car audio and video manufacturers and distributors in the USA. The photo on this page depicts car audio controls on a steering wheel.
  • Race Car Products
    Visit this race car products retailer directory to find race car product retailers in the USA. The photograph on this page depicts a race car on a racetrack.
  • Car Buying
    If you are in the market for a new or used car, it is important to research the specifications and consumer ratings for the makes and models you are interested in. Founded in 2003, this website provides a wealth of information for car buyers.
  • Car Auctions
    At dealer auctions, car dealers purchase a large percentage of the cars that they sell on their used-car lots. The profits they make on these cars are often far greater than their profits on new car sales.
  • Car Rental Companies
    Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the chances are good that at some point you will need to rent a car. Visit this website to learn the ins and out of renting a car.
  • Car Transport Directory
    Browse this auto transport company directory for information about auto transport services in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts an automobile transport truck.
  • Railroad Cars
    Check out this railroad cars manufacturer directory for information about railroad car manufacturers in the United States. The photo on this page shows a box car in a railroad freight yard.
  • Booster Seats
    While traveling in a car, booster seats are a requirement for children under a certain height and weight who have outgrown their full-harness seat.
  • Auto Parts Stores
    Auto parts stores provide vehicle owners with just about every imaginable part for their car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. Many parts stores are online as well as brick and mortar.
  • Baby Products
    There are so many baby products available to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. Find helpful information on cribs, car seats, high chairs, strollers, and toys, as well as important safety tips.
  • Travel Guide
    This travel guide features information on a variety of travel-related topics and includes links to travel agencies, hotel reviews, car rental companies, and more.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Enterprise got its start in St. Louis, Missouri with 7 cars. Today Enterprise has almost 7,000 offices in the U.S., Canada, and several other countries. They advertise that there is an office within 15 miles of 90% of the population in the U.S. Users to the website can reserve a car online and check on types of cars and trucks available and cost. Users can also find out about buying used cars.
  • Auto Insurance Quotes
    Comparing auto insurance quotes can help you save money but can be a time-consuming process. Learn about how you can quickly and easily find reliable auto insurance quotes.
  • Automotive Guide
    This automotive guide features information on automobiles as well as links to select manufacturers of auto parts and accessories.
  • Automotive Videos Portfolio
    The automotive industry produces a broad spectrum of self-propelled motor vehicles, ranging from trucks and cars to motorcycles. This automotive portfolio includes a series of videos that are related to automobiles and automotive themes.
  • The Autos Channel
    This site contains news and information about cars, including articles about new developments and upcoming models. Also contains a new and used car search, a link to Kelley's Blue Book, information about car loans, insurance, and car tips.
  • Kelley Blue Book
    Kelley began in 1918 with three Model Ts and was called Kelley Kar Company. It was the largest car dealership in the world. In 1926, the first printed car price list was issued. This list became a trusted source for info about new and used car prices, reviews, and ratings. On the website, users can also search for dealerships and classifieds, as well as posting cars for sale.
  • Cars.com
    Cars.com is a comprehensive destination for users wanting to buy or sell a new or used car. It consolidates listings from 13,000 dealers with nationwide classifieds and private-party listings. The website provides searches by make, model, year for both buying and selling, plus a seller's guide, blue book values, car ratings, and much more.
  • Auto Body Parts
    Auto body parts are used to customize vehicles, or more often, used to replace part of a car body that has been damaged in an accident. Visit this site for an overview of the auto body parts industry.
  • Garage Storage
    Many people have garages that are packed with stuff, leaving little space for the family car. This site features information about garage organization and storage.
  • AirTran Airways
    AirTran is a low-fare airline designed for business travelers. It was founded in 1993 and launched the first ticketless travel program that year. Its headquarters are in Orlando, Florida. On the website, users can check destinations, make reservations, find web specials, change itineraries, and make hotel, car, and vacation reservations. Users can also sign up for frequent flyer cards.
The following articles provide recent car-related news.
The following digital image illustrates the word car.
Red Car Red Car
A Red Car on a Grassy Lawn - with Trees in the Background

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