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The word childhood is a noun.  Childhood means (1) the state of a child between infancy and adolescence, (2) the time of person's life when they are a child.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word childhood.
  • California Academy of Sciences
    The Academy, located in San Francisco, has a mission of exploring, explaining, and protecting the natural world. It has a world-class specimen collection, an aquarium, early childhood education and outreach programs, a science careers program, and more. On the website, users can find out about the programs and visiting the Academy.
  • PBS Kids
    PBS Kids is the website for children from the Public Broadcasting System. On it, kids can find out schedules for children's programming, music, games, and printable pages to color. There is also a parents' site to help parents learn about child development from birth through early childhood years, and a site for teachers with free preK-12 educational resources.
The following articles provide recent childhood-related news.
  • A Mother's Quest Shows the True Spirit of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
    When Jacki Splittorf-Sullins lost her 3-year-old son, Harlan, to a rare form of childhood cancer, she wanted to do everything she could to prevent other parents from losing a child. Here's how she did it.
    By David Hessekiel, Contributor.  Forbes.  Friday, 19 Jul 2019 12:59:00 +0000.
  • Alzheimer's gene may impact cognitive health before adulthood
    A psychologist asserts that those carrying the APOE4 gene score lower on IQ tests during childhood and adolescence. And the effect was stronger in girls than in boys. ...
    Science Daily.  Thursday, 18 Jul 2019 16:48:49 EDT.
  • The Rich History of Southern Soda Cakes
    With the exception of 7UP and RC Cola cakes, few recipes for baking with soft drinks were part of my childhood in Southern California.
    Southern Living.  Southern Living.  Monday, 15 Jul 2019 19:19:01 +0000.
  • All hail Mac and Cheese!
    The comfort meal of childhood memories is still a favorite, from little blue boxes to trendy gourmet restaurants
    CBS News.  Sunday, 14 Jul 2019 13:21:23 -0400.
  • The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in America
    These days there are more reasons than ever to don a helmet and hop on a bike, whether your goal is to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on gas costs, get fit, or simply relive the childhood joy of riding a two-wheeler. ...
    Bob Vila.  Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019 17:12:38 -0400.
  • Ross Perot, billionaire businessman who ran twice for president, dead at 89
    Ross Perot, the colourful, self-made Texas billionaire who rose from a childhood of Depression-era poverty and twice ran for president in the 1990s against Republican and Democratic candidates, has died at 89.
    CBC News.  Tuesday, 9 Jul 2019 11:15:37 EDT.
  • Early childhood program in western Illinois gets $2.5M grant
    ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (AP) - A western Illinois school district is getting a $2.5 million federal grant to pay for early education programs for low-income families. U.S. ...
    Washington Times.  Saturday, 06 Jul 2019 16:19:40 -0400.
  • 'My childhood was fuelled by violence and abuse'
    What makes some fall into a life dominated by gangs, violence and loss? Daniel and Aliyah share their lives.
    BBC News.  Tuesday, 02 Jul 2019 23:09:08 GMT.
  • 7 Childhood Health Myths That Are Actually True
    Science is constantly challenging ideas that we believe to be true. ...
    Newsmax.  Tuesday, 02 Jul 2019 09:46:14 EDT.
The following digital image illustrates the word childhood.
Smiling Child Outdoors
Happy Child Outdoors, Surrounded by Dandelions

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