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The word citation is a noun.  Citation means (1) a summons that commands the appearance of a party at a proceeding, (2) a passage or expression that is quoted or cited, (3) an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement, (4) (law) the act of citing (as of spoken words or written passages or legal precedents etc.).
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word citation.
  • EasyBib Bibliography and Citation Generator
    EasyBib is an intuitive information literacy platform that provides citation, note taking, and research tools. EasyBib can help educators teach, and students learn, how to become effective and organized researchers.
  • Citebase Search
    Citebase Search began in 2005 and is located at the University of Southampton in the UK. Citebase searches for citations in the fields of physics, math, information science, and biomedical articles published in the UK. Searches are by author, citation, or an identifier (keyword). The homepage cautions visitors that Citebase is in an experimental stage and not yet complete or authoritative.
  • Scopus
    Scopus, an Elsevier product, is a subscription-only abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It includes journal publications, conference proceedings, scientific web pages, patents, and an alert service. It also has smart tools to track, visualize, and analyze research. On the website, users can get a free trial and view a demo.
The following articles provide recent citation-related news.
The following digital image illustrates the word citation.
Traffic Officer Issuing a Citation Traffic Officer Issuing a Citation
Traffic Cop Writing a Traffic Citation

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