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The word combination is a noun.  Combination means (1) the act of combining things to form a new whole, (2) the act of arranging elements into specified groups without regard to order, (3) a collection of things that have been combined; an assemblage of separate parts or qualities, (4) an alliance of people or corporations or countries for a special purpose (formerly to achieve some antisocial end but now for general political or economic purposes), (5) a group of people (often temporary) having a common purpose, (6) a sequence of numbers or letters that opens a combination lock, (7) a coordinated sequence of chess moves.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word combination.
  • Cake Decorating Icing
    Cake icings are a combination of butter, sugar, and flavorings. All icings can be flavored as desired, and concentrated icing colors can be added to enhance the cake decorations.
  • Golf Balls
    Golf is a popular outdoor game played with a small dimpled ball and a set of clubs. Golf clubs are made from a combination of steel, graphite, titanium, and various alloys.
  • Izze
    Izze is a sparkling juice drink. It is a combination of fruit juice and sparkling water and contains no refined sugar, preservatives, or artificial flavor.
The following articles provide recent combination-related news.
  • Why P&G (PG) Could Beat Earnings Estimates Again
    P&G (PG) has an impressive earnings surprise history and currently possesses the right combination of the two key ingredients for a likely beat in its next quarterly report.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Friday, 03 Jul 2020 16:10:17 GMT.
  • How Hong Kong beat coronavirus and avoided lockdown
    Hong Kong is one of the world's densest cities. Public transit is often packed. There are even direct flights from Wuhan. Yet, the city managed to handle the outbreak with a combination of factors.
    CNBC.  Friday, 03 Jul 2020 02:31:07 GMT.
  • Flexible material shows potential for use in fabrics to heat, cool
    A new study finds that a material made of carbon nanotubes has a combination of thermal, electrical and physical properties that make it an appealing candidate for next-generation smart fabrics.
    Science Daily.  Thursday, 02 Jul 2020 11:50:26 EDT.
The following digital image illustrates the word combination.
Safe with Combination Lock
Combination Lock on a Safe

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