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The word cream is a noun.  Cream means (1) toiletry consisting of any of various substances resembling cream that have a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the skin, (2) the part of milk containing the butterfat, (3) the best people or things in a groupCream is also a verb that means (1) add cream to one's coffee, for example, (2) remove from the surface, (3) put on cream, as on one's face or body, (4) make creamy by beating.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word cream.
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts
    Browse this ice cream manufacturer directory for information about ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturers and distributors in the USA. The photo on this page depicts soft ice cream cones in chocolate and vanilla flavors.
  • Ice Cream Cones
    Visit this ice cream cones manufacturer directory for information about ice cream cone manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The photo on this page shows a hand holding an ice cream cone against a blue sky background.
  • Ice Cream Cones
    Visit this ice cream cones retailer directory to find ice cream cone retailers in the USA. The photo on this web page depicts a strawberry ice cream cone, isolated on white.
  • Dairy Products Guide
    This dairy products page comprises information about dairy products such as milk, cream, and cheese, and the dairy farms that produce them. A photograph of a dairy cow is included on the page.
  • Dairy Product Directory
    Browse this dairy product supplier directory for info about dairy product suppliers in the United States of America. The photo on this page depicts several dairy products, including milk, cream, and various cheeses.
  • Processed Cheeses
    Processed cheeses were originally created from recycled imperfect cheese. Learn more on this website, which also includes links to processed cheese supplier websites.
  • China and Crystal
    Browse this china and crystal retailer directory for information about china and crystal retailers in the United States. The photo on this page shows a china teacup, a crystal vase, and a silver cream and sugar set.
  • Cake Decorating
    Cake decorating is a highly sought-after culinary skill, and every cake is unique! Cakes can be iced with butter cream, royal, fondant, or cooked icings, and may feature various embellishments as well.
The following articles provide recent cream-related news.
  • Texas limits business with Ben & Jerry's over Israel move
    Texas on Thursday announced that it will be limiting business with Ben & Jerry's and its parent company, Unilever, following the ice cream maker's decision to stop selling its products in certain ...
    Celine Castronuovo.  The Hill.  Friday, 24 Sep 2021 15:42:29 +0000.
  • These Apps Deliver Food and Misery
    We all want ice cream fast, but app delivery services make it too easy for us to ignore their true cost.
    Shira Ovide.  New York Times.  Thursday, 23 Sep 2021 17:11:24 +0000.
  • Incyte (INCY) Ruxolitinib Cream Wins FDA Nod for Atopic Dermatitis
    Incyte (INCY) obtains FDA approval for the cream formulation of ruxolitinib for the treatment of mild to moderate atopic dermatitis.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021 12:29:00 GMT.

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