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The word definition is a noun.  Definition means (1) clarity of outline, (2) a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol.
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  • What is MIDI?
    MIDI enables electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other. Most digital keyboards have MIDI ports that provide connectivity with computers and other MIDI devices.
  • Social Media Pages
    Social media, by definition, is media content that facilitates conversation and participation, rather than traditional media content, which only delivers material to the end-user.
  • Open Source
    Open Source founded in 1998 and located in California, is the industry recognized body that reviews and approves licenses for OSD conformance. The Organization developed the definition by which licenses are reviewed.
  • techterms.com
    Subtitled computer and technology terms defined & explained. This site goes beyond just a definition to explain terms as well.
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Definition - Defined in a Dictionary Definition - Defined in a Dictionary
Definition - Defined in a Dictionary

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