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The word dirt is a noun.  Dirt means (1) disgraceful gossip about the private lives of other people, (2) the state of being covered with unclean things, (3) the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock, (4) obscene terms for fecesDirt is also an adjective that means (1) (of roads) not leveled or drained; unsuitable for all year travel.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word dirt.
  • Dirt Bike
    A dirt bike is a light-weight motorcycle designed for off-road riding. Visit this site for more information about dirt bikes, as well as information about selecting a dirt bike and dirt bike safety.
  • Buying a Dirt Bike
    Dirt bikes are typically designed for either racing or trail riding, so the type of bike you choose will depend on the type of riding you plan to do, as well as your size.
  • Down Comforter Care
    A duvet cover can protect your down comforter from body oils, dirt, and dust. Comforter covers with pore sizes smaller than 10 microns can provide protection from dust mite allergens as well.
  • Carpet Cleaning
    Carpet cleaning is essential for removing dirt and stains and keeping your home fresh. Learn about how to effectively clean your carpet and remove stains before they set.
The following articles provide recent dirt-related news.
  • Where Ghislaine Maxwell hid out in style
    Ghislaine Maxwell's home sits at the end of a narrow, half-mile dirt driveway. It's lined with 'No Trespassing' signs and barred by a padlocked metal fence. ...
    Yahoo.  Friday, 03 Jul 2020 04:02:43 -0400.
  • 5 Dirt Cheap Stocks to Buy Now
    Buy the best. These companies have low P/E and P?S ratios and are also Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) stocks.
    Tracey Ryniec.  Zacks.  Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 15:10:00 GMT.
  • Seniors who missed out on Koshien to get dirt from ballpark
    The decision by Hanshin and the stadium operator will give players the mementos denied to them following the cancellation of this year's tournaments.
    Japan Times.  Tuesday, 09 Jun 2020 21:18:04 +0900.
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Brown Dirt
Brown Dirt

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