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The word domain is a noun.  Domain means (1) a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about, (2) people in general; especially a distinctive group of people with some shared interest, (3) territory over which rule or control is exercised, (4) the set of values of the independent variable for which a function is defined, (5) a particular environment or walk of life.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word domain.
  • Domain Name System
    If it weren't for the domain name system (DNS), it would be difficult to do the things we expect our computer to do these days, like contact each other, display email, or open web pages.
  • SnapNames
    This is a website where users can buy and sell domain names. SnapNames has over 800,000 domain names for sale that have expired, are privately held, and are available right now. Domain name holders can also sell names on this site by auction. Buyers bid on the domain names. The website also lists new and featured domain names.
  • Affilias
    Affilias is a global registry of domain names. .INFO is a top-level domain like .com. .INFO can be used for business and personal use. On the website, users can find out about .INFO and Affilias which works under the auspices of ICANN. There is also information about registering a domain name and costs.
  • EURid
    EURid is the European Registry of Internet Domain Names. Eu domain names are available to any person or organization in the European Union. There are approximately 2.5 million eu names to date. Users can find out the history of the EURid, apply for a site, and search for other eu sites on this website.
  • Network Solutions
    The original domain names registrar, Network Solutions, founded in 1993, also offers web hosting, web design, E-commerce, web site promotion and more. On the website, users can find, renew, and transfer domain names; create their own website or have Network Solutions do it; create a blog; get help with e-commerce; and much more.
  • Tucows
    Tucows began in 1993 in Flint, Michigan as a software distribution company and has grown to become a wholesale domain name registrar and a provider of Internet services to web hosting companies and Internet service providers (ISP). The company is now headquartered in Toronto. Users can search by categories, authors, services, and software & reviews. Users can also sign-up to be a reseller.
  • Gospel Songs
    Public domain gospel songs are featured on website Gospel-Songs.org. These songs and hymns can be freely used in Christian gatherings, gospel meetings, and hymn sings.
  • 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
    Offers the Encyclopedia Britannica 11th Edition, which is now in the public domain. All articles are searchable and alphabetized.
  • Yahoo! GeoCities
    This is a site on which a user can build a free website. The site is supported by paid advertisers. Users can search for other sites by general topic. The site offers a free domain name, unlimited email, virtually unlimited web site space, and support.
  • Netfirms
    Netfirms, founded in 1998, is a provider of web hosting, domain name, e-commerce, e-mail, e-marketing services, and technology solutions. All of their products are serviced 24/7 and they have propelled over 1.2 million to success. All the products, including a personal website for $4.95 a month, are fully described on the website.
  • SiteGround
    This is a web hosting service founded in 2003 and headquartered in Houston, Texas. They currently host more than 100,000 domains in the U.S. and European Union. The website offers details about an inexpensive package that includes a free domain, 99.9% server uptime, 24/7 customer service, free blog application, and much more. Also on the site are testimonials and news.
  • Spry Web Hosting
    Spry is a privately-held company located in Seattle, Washington. The website offers a place to choose a domain name and the choice of many hosting plans. There are also support links and forums that include testimonials, news, maintenance announcements, updates, and more.
  • TypePad
    TypePad is a blogging service for professionals that hosts many of the world's most popular blogs and business websites. TypePad is easy to use, and there is a free trial. Users can keep their domain names. There are templates for creating good looking blog sites or users can design their own. TypePad also offers the usual enhancements such as widgets and photo albums.
  • Webmonkey: The Web Developer's Resource
    Webmonkey is part of Lycos, Inc. On Webmonkey, users can find information for all levels of web building--beginners, builders, and masters. There is a large how-to library with information on authoring, design, multimedia, e-commerce and more. Also a reference site to a JavaScript library, HTML Cheatsheet, special characters, colors, domain registries, stylesheet guides and more.
The following articles provide recent domain-related news.

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