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The word dryer is a noun.  Dryer means (1) an appliance that removes moisture.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word dryer.
  • Washing Machines and Dryers
    Visit this washing machines and dryers retailer directory to find washing machine and dryer retailers in the USA. The photo on this web page depicts a washer and a dryer in a laundry room.
  • Pet Grooming Directory
    Browse this pet grooming directory for information about pet groomers and pet grooming services throughout the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a dog being groomed with a comb and a hair dryer.
  • Beauty Supplies and Equipment
    Check out this beauty supplies and equipment retailer directory to find beauty supplies and beauty equipment retailers in the USA. The illustration on this page includes a comb, a pair of scissors, a hair dryer, and a can of hair spray.
The following articles provide recent dryer-related news.
  • Best hair dryer 2020: Dry your 'do quickly and easily
    There's a lot of science behind a good hairdo. Or, at least, there's generally a lot of effort. Whether your particular cut demands frequent straightening,
    Max Freeman-mills.  Pocket Lint.  Sunday, 20 Sep 2020 18:27:00 +0100.
  • Climate change: Heavy rain after drought may cause fish kills
    Due to climate changes, many regions are experiencing increasingly warmer and dryer summers, followed by heavy rain. New study shows this is a fatal combination that can cause massive fish kills in lakes within a few hours.
    Science Daily.  Thursday, 09 Jul 2020 09:24:21 EDT.
  • How to buy the best dryer in 2020 - CNET
    From laundry capacity, extra features, to controls, design and smart features, we'll explain what you need to know before you buy a new dryer.
    Ry Crist.  CNET.  Saturday, 14 Mar 2020 12:00:05 +0000.
The following digital image illustrates the word dryer.
Clothes in a Dryer
Clothes in a Dryer

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