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The word economy is a noun.  Economy means (1) an act of economizing; reduction in cost, (2) frugality in the expenditure of money or resources, (3) the efficient use of resources, (4) the system of production and distribution and consumption.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word economy.
  • Fuel Economy
    Fuel Economy is a website developed by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. On this site users can find information about efforts to improve automobile efficiency, gasoline prices, gas mileage tips, hybrid vehicles, alternative fuel vehicles, and can find and compare new and used automobiles.
  • Economy-class Hotels
    A two-star hotel may feature high speed Internet access, and it may have a restaurant on the property. However, room service and bellhop service are usually not available.
  • Monetary Policy
    The Federal Reserve was established by Congress in 1913 in part to guide monetary policy. Learn about how the Federal Reserve guides the nation's economy.
  • Ryan Air
    Ryan Air, an economy airline that was established in 1985, flies to destinations in Europe and the UK. On the website, users can check schedules, book flights, rent cars, book hotels, get travel insurance, look at travel guides, find out about special deals, and play online games on the Ryanair Casino.
  • Small Business Administration
    The U.S. SBA strives to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise, and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of the USA. The SBA helps Americans start, build, and grow their businesses.
  • United States Department of the Treasury
    This is the official website for the Dept. of the Treasury which was established in 1789 and is a Cabinet Level Department. The website provides information about Treasury activities and news. It also has links to forms, interest rate statistics, and more. Users interested in coins and currency can find information about that as well as information about the economy and taxes.
  • Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau
    The Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB) is the primary private sector marketing and visitor service organization charged with the development of meetings, conventions and tourism-related business. The organization strives to enhance the economy of Boston, Cambridge and the metropolitan area.
  • Visit Sacramento
    Sacramento is home to Gold Rush-era attractions, California State Capitol tours, outdoor adventures, and hotels, dining, and cultural arts for every taste and budget. The Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau strives to make a positive difference in their community. For more than 75 years, the SCVB has developed and executed sales, marketing, and customer service programs to help strengthen the regional economy as well as their member businesses and marketing partners.
  • Discover Los Angeles
    The mission of the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board is to advance the prosperity of LA's visitor economy and the livelihoods that depend on it. This is achieved by sales and marketing to the travel industry and to consumers. LA Tourism represents the Los Angeles destination to the meetings and convention industry; to the international travel trade and traveler; to cruise passengers and cruise lines; to domestic leisure travelers; and to the worldwide travel media.
  • Official San Diego Region Travel Resource
    Tourism is the second largest segment of San Diego's economy. The San Diego Tourism Authority mission is to drive visitor demand to economically benefit the San Diego region; The authority promotes and markets the San Diego region as a preferred vacation and meeting destination. The San Diego Tourism Authority also benefits from dedicated volunteers who assist visitors throughout the region at three Visitor Centers operated by the authority.
  • San Francisco Travel
    People visit San Francisco for the sights and scenery, the one-of-a-kind events, and world-class food. The welcoming people, the diversity, and rich history are just a few of the elements that combine to create the City by the Bay as a destination. The San Francisco Travel Association is a window into the City by the Bay and strives to enhance the local economy by marketing San Francisco and the Bay Area as a destination for conventions, meetings, events, and leisure travel.
  • Travel Portland
    Whether your suitcase holds designer heels and sunglasses or hiking boots and binoculars, you'll find plenty of suitable destinations on the streets and trails of Portland, Oregon. The mission of Travel Portland is to strengthen the region's economy by marketing the metropolitan Portland region as a destination for meetings, conventions and leisure travel.
  • Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau
    The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau (Dallas CVB) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that promotes Dallas as a business and pleasure destination. Dallas CVB's mission is to market Dallas as a convention and visitor destination to the regional, national and international marketplace and to favorably impact the Dallas economy through meetings and tourism.
  • Visit Houston
    Houston, the fourth-largest city in the USA, attracts visitors and transplants with a mix of world-class arts, booming business, pro sports and award-winning cuisine. The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) is the primary sales and marketing arm of the city of Houston and Harris County. The mission of the GHCVB is to improve the economy of Greater Houston by attracting conventions, tourists and film projects to the area through sales and marketing efforts.
The following articles provide recent economy-related news.
  • America Should Finish Rebuilding China
    America should finish a job it started more than four decades ago: rebuild China. Help Beijing open up its economy to the rest of the world and bring prosperity to its people.
    By Panos Mourdoukoutas, Contributor.  Forbes.  Saturday, 15 Jun 2019 16:57:00 +0000.
  • Strong Retail Sales Improve Economy's Fortunes
    U.S. retail sales increased in May and sales for the prior month were revised higher, suggesting a pick-up in consumer spending that eased fears the economy was slowing down sharply in the second quarter.
    Newsmax.  Saturday, 15 Jun 2019 10:34:54 EDT.
  • 'We are trapped': Zimbabwe's economic crunch hits passports
    HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) - With Zimbabwe's economy in shambles and political tensions rising, leaving the country seems the best option for many who are desperate for jobs. ...
    Farai Mutsaka.  Washington Times.  Saturday, 15 Jun 2019 05:15:03 -0400.
  • Trump advisor Kevin Hassett says economy is still on track for 3% growth
    Two new reports out Friday bolster the case for 3% U.S. economic growth this year, says White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett.
    CNBC.  Friday, 14 Jun 2019 20:33 GMT.
  • Eurozone ministers urge Italy: 'Rethink your budget'
    Eurozone finance ministers urged Italy on Thursday to rethink its budget and avoid a painful row with Brussels that could endanger the European economy as a whole.
    The Local.  Thursday, 13 Jun 2019 15:05:22 +0200.
  • China's trade rep says 'external pressures' can help economy
    Chinese media say the country's top trade negotiator has told a forum in Shanghai that "external pressures" can help the economy.
    Yanan Wang.  Fox News.  Thursday, 13 Jun 2019 10:27:51 GMT.
  • As economy flails, debtors' prisons thrive
    More than a dozen states around the country are jailing people who can't afford to pay their criminal justice debts
    CBS News.  Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019 17:02:19 -0400.
  • Fresh capital poised to support Oyo growth
    Reports suggest that Japan's SoftBank will buy out stakes of the economy startup's other investors.
    Jena Tesse Fox.  Hotel Management.  Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019 18:52:22 +0000.
  • This is Why America's Travel Business is Worried - CNN
    Foreign travelers to the United States bring billions of dollars into the economy each year. But that flow of people and money now appears to be at risk.
    Travel Industry Wire.  Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019 13:32:41 EST.

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