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The word embedded is an adjective.  Embedded means (1) inserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole, (2) enclosed firmly in a surrounding mass.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word embedded.
  • Motorola
    Motorola was founded in 1928 in Chicago. Its first product was a battery eliminator that allowed radios to be plugged into household electrical circuits. Today Mororola is a major marketer of wireless and broadband communications. The website lists the vast number of products and services that they produce from phones to motorcycle radios to embedded computing, and much more.
  • OMG: Object Management Group
    The OMG, started in 1989, is an international, open-membership, not-for-profit computer industry consortium. OMG Task Forces develop standards for a wide range of technologies, including Real-time, Embedded and Specialized systems, analysis & design, architecture-driven modernization and Middleware. On the website is complete information about all the OMG projects and task forces and how to join.
  • PHP
    PHP is a widely-used, general purpose scripting language suited for web development and can be embedded in HTML. The website offers a tutorial, information for downloading, and information about updates to the program.
The following digital image illustrates the word embedded.
Axe Head Embedded in a Tree Stump Axe Head Embedded in a Tree Stump
Axe Head Embedded in a Tree Stump

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