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The word feed is a noun.  Feed means (1) food for domestic livestockFeed is also a verb that means (1) introduce continuously, (2) provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to, (3) give food to, (4) take in food; used of animals only, (5) serve as food for; be the food for, (6) feed into; supply, (7) provide as food, (8) gratify, (9) profit from in an exploitatory manner, (10) move along, of liquids, (11) support or promote.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word feed.
  • FeedBurner
    FeedBurner provides media distribution and audience engagement services for blogs and RSS feeders. Their tools help bloggers, podcasters, and commercial publishers promote, deliver, and profit from their content on the web. FeedBurner also features a feed and blog advertising network that aggregates a number of well-known media sources. The website explains fully what feed burning is.
  • Feeding Wild Birds
    Many people enjoy having a bird feeder to feed wild birds. Learn about feeding wild birds with this helpful bird feeding guide.
  • Performics
    Performics, founded in 1998, is a performance-based marketing division of DoubleClick. It provides online marketing services and technologies for multi-channel marketers. Advertisers benefit from the custom approach to affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, data feed marketing, and online lead generation programs. The website explains all of these programs in detail and more.
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The following digital image illustrates the word feed.
Adult Bird Feeding Baby Birds Adult Bird Feeding Baby Birds
Starling Feeds its Nestling

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