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The word flair is a noun.  Flair means (1) distinctive and stylish elegance, (2) a natural talent, (3) a shape that spreads outward.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word flair.
  • Bathroom Faucets
    Bathroom faucets are not only a necessity, but can also be an important design element that adds flair to your bathroom. There are a plethora of faucet designs to choose from.
  • Bathroom Sinks
    Bathroom sinks are not only a necessity; they can also be an important design element that adds flair to your bathroom. And there are certainly a plethora of sink materials and designs to choose from!
  • Unusual Countertops
    Unusual countertop materials add a unique flair to any kitchen. Learn more about countertops made of glass, scrap metal, bamboo, and paper, and find specialized counterop material suppliers.
The following articles provide recent flair-related news.
  • Doro Bet adds Ethiopian flair to fried chicken
    Sisters Hayat Ali and Mebruka Kane are serving up soul food classics with a twist at Doro Bet in Philadelphia
    Ccg.  ABC News.  Thursday, 26 Jan 2023 16:22:09 +0000.
  • How To Add Hawaiian Flair To Your Holiday Season
    On Maui you just might see Santa partying in a pair of Neoprene swim trunks, as he arrives on the island via a canoe filled with gifts.
    By Debbi Kickham, Contributor.  Forbes.  Saturday, 17 Dec 2022 20:13:56 -0500.
  • This artist adds brilliant creative flair to tourist photos
    Creative illustrator Robin Yayla has a talent for adding artistic artwork to photos in a way that makes them even more appealing. Yayla finds inspiration
    Adrian Willings.  Pocket Lint.  Tuesday, 14 Jun 2022 15:07:00 +0100.
The following digital image illustrates the word flair.
Mussels Served with Flair Mussels Served with Flair
Mussels Served with Flair

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