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The word fly-fishing is a noun.  Fly-fishing means (1) angling with an artificial fly as a lure.
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  • Fly-Fishing Tackle
    The rod, reel, and accessories used for fly-fishing can vary greatly depending on the type of water they are used for. Learn more about fly fishing rods, reels, and lines.
  • Fly-Fishing Tips
    People have been putting dinner on the table via fly-fishing since the third century AD, when wooden rods and lines made of horsehair were used.
  • Fishing Supplies and Tackle
    Browse this fishing supplies manufacturer directory for information about fishing supplies and tackle manufacturers and distributors in the United States. The photo on this page shows a fly-fishing hook.
  • Fishing Reels
    A fishing reel is a device attached to a fishing rod that lets out or winds up the fishing line. Different varieties include spin-casting reels, spinning reels, bait-casting reels, and fly-fishing reels.
The following article provides recent fly-fishing-related news.
  • Robot dog lends a helping paw to dementia sufferers
    BOURNEMOUTH, England (Reuters) - Among Ron Grantham's happiest memories are the days he spent fly-fishing with his beloved dog, Spot. Now those memories are being revived by visits from his new best friend, Biscuit - a robotic dog.
    Reuters.  Thursday, 12 Apr 2018 09:57:04 -0400.
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Fly-fishing Fly-fishing

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