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The phrase fountain pen is a noun.  Fountain Pen means (1) a pen that is supplied with ink from a reservoir in its barrel.
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  • Collecting Fountain Pens
    A fountain pen is technically any pen that holds and releases its ink, but usually refers to a pen with an exposed or hooded split metal point. Learn more with this fountain pen collecting guide.
  • Fountain Pens
    Fountain pens are a classy writing utensil and make sophisticated gifts. They are available in nine different nib sizes in three nib cuts: straight, oblique, and italic.
  • Newspaper Publisher Directory
    Browse this newspaper publisher directory for info about newspaper publishers in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a newspaper, with reading glasses and fountain pen.
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Black Fountain Pen with Gold Nib Black Fountain Pen with Gold Nib
Fountain Pen with a Gold Nib

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