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France is a proper noun.  France is (1) a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe, (2) French writer of sophisticated novels and short stories (1844-1924).
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun France.
  • France Relief Map
    Learn about the topography of France including plains, rivers, mountain ranges, and beaches with this France relief map and guide.
  • France Locator Map
    Locate points of interest on this France locator map, and find French travel information and links to additional maps and a travel guide.
  • Air France
    This is the website for Air France where users can book flights, check flight statuses, find out about travel restrictions, check on AF special deals, and sign up for a free newsletter.
  • Paris, France
    Located along the River Seine in the northern part of France, Paris is the nation's capital and also its most populated city. Paris attracts over 70 million visitors annually, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world.
  • French Flag
    This site features information and photos of the national flag of France. Visitors can also learn the history of the French tricolor flag.
  • French Cuisine and Chef Careers
    This introduction to French cuisine comprises information about French cooking education and careers around the world plus a photograph of a typical French meal.
  • French Boy Names
    Many popular baby names of today are of French origin. Find French names and name meanings for baby boys with this helpful chart organized by rank.
  • French Girl Names
    Many popular baby girl names are of French origin. Find French baby girl names and their meanings listed by rank with this helpful chart.
  • Martinique
    Borrowing from its mother country, the French Caribbean island of Martinique offers French cheeses, Parisian fashions, and colonial architecture in the capital, Fort-de-France.
  • Europe Travel Guide
    Learn about popular travel destinations within Europe including Paris, France, London, England, Vienna, Austria, Copenhagen, Denmark, and more.
  • Map Of Germany
    Located in central Europe, Germany is bordered by Poland and the Czech Republic to the east, by Austria and Switzerland to the south, by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands to the west, and by Denmark to the north.
  • Map Of Italy
    The country of Italy is located on a boot-shaped peninsula in southern Europe. It is surrounded by France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, the Adriatic Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Map Of South America
    The continent of South America consists of 12 countries, along with French Guiana which belongs to France. It is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.
  • ASIFA--Association du Film d'Animation
    The International Animated Film Association was founded in France in 1960. The website provides links to ASIFA chapters worldwide, listings of animation festivals, and an animation gallery.
  • Capgemini
    CapGemini is a consulting, technology, outsourcing, and local professional service business located in France. The Company facilitates communication among employees and helps develop networks for dissemination of up-to-date business information. On the website, users can find out more about their services and how to obtain them.
  • International Center for Scientific Research
    Located in France, CIRS is an international scientific organization created in 1998 to promote all aspects of science and scientific research. On the website, users can find a directory of researchers worldwide, an international directory of scientific prizes and awards and their winners, libraries and scientific bookshops, a directory of major scientific journals, and bibliographies.
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
    This is the website for KLM, whose home base is Schiphol Airport, is partnered with Air France to fly to 250 destinations worldwide. Users can book flights, cars, and hotels on the website and also check flight information and schedules. The site also gives information about the latest baggage restrictions and updated news. Travelers can check in online.
  • Lexis
    Lexis.com is the homepage for the LexisNexis Research System. On this site, users can find all published U.S. case law back to the 1770s, plus all the current laws and statutes. It also covers several other countries such as Canada, England, France, and others. Users can also Shepardize on the website and search by topic.
  • Sofitel Hotels and Resorts
    The first Sofitel hotel opened in 1964 in Strasbourg, France and in the U.S. in 1974 in Minneapolis. Sofitel is the prestige brand of Accor hotels with 200 hotels in 53 countries. On the website, users can book rooms, find out about specials and vacation packages, and see what is meant by The World of Sofitel.
  • News about France
    News headlines, summaries, and article links as well as a map and facts about the European nation of France.
The following articles provide recent France-related news.
  • UN Security Council rejects Russia's space weapons resolution
    The United Nations Security Council rejected a Russian-backed resolution that called to prevent the deployment of weapons in space after the U.S., France and the U.K. all voted against the measure. ...
    Brad Dress.  The Hill.  Tuesday, 21 May 2024 15:50:28 +0000.
  • France begins its first war crimes trial of Syrian officials
    The first trial in France of officials from the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad opened on Tuesday (May 21), with three top security officers to be tried in absentia for complicity in crimes against humanity and war crimes. ...
    France24.  France 24.  Tuesday, 21 May 2024 08:56:26 GMT.
  • France selling scratch-and-sniff baguette stamps
    If you live in France or are traveling there for vacation, you can now send your friends overseas an authentic French fragrance in the mail.
    CBS News.  Monday, 20 May 2024 14:28:49 -0400.
The following pages provide more extensive France news.
  • French News
    Recent news stories about the topic france, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • France Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag france.
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