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GPS is a proper noun.  GPS is (1) a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun GPS.
  • GPS Navigation Directory
    Browse this GPS navigation directory for information about GPS - Global Positioning System - navigation solution providers in the USA. The photo on this page shows a GPS navigation system.
  • Handheld GPS
    Global positioning system (GPS) units pick up signals from GPS satellites to calculate the latitude and longitude of the user. Handheld units are convenient for cyclists, hikers, mountain climbers, and hunters.
The following articles provide recent GPS-related news. The following pages provide more extensive GPS news.
  • GPS News
    Recent news stories about the topic global positioning, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • GPS Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag global positioning.
The following digital image illustrates the proper noun GPS.
GPS Navigation Unit GPS Navigation Unit
GPS Navigation Unit

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