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The word heavy is a noun.  Heavy means (1) a serious (or tragic) role in a play, (2) an actor who plays villainous rolesHeavy is also an adjective that means (1) darkened by clouds, (2) (used of soil) compact and fine-grained, (3) (of sleep) deep and complete, (4) lacking lightness or liveliness, (5) requiring or showing effort, (6) usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it, (7) full of; bearing great weight, (8) sharply inclined, (9) dense or inadequately leavened and hence likely to cause distress in the alimentary canalHeavy is also an adjective that means (1) of comparatively great physical weight or densityHeavy is also an adjective that means (1) large and powerful; especially designed for heavy loads or rough workHeavy is also an adjective that means (1) marked by great psychological weight; weighted down especially with sadness or troubles or weariness, (2) unusually great in degree or quantity or number, (3) (physics, chemistry) being or containing an isotope with greater than average atomic mass or weight, (4) of great intensity or power or forceHeavy is also an adjective that means (1) slow and laborious because of weight, (2) of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought, (3) full and loud and deep, (4) used of syllables or musical beats, (5) of a drinker or drinking; indulging intemperately, (6) made of fabric having considerable thickness, (7) permitting little if any light to pass through because of denseness of matter, (8) having or suggesting a viscous consistency, (9) (of an actor or role) being or playing the villain, (10) wide from side to sideHeavy is also an adverb that means (1) slowly as if burdened by much weight.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word heavy.
  • Heavy Equipment Mover Directory
    Browse this heavy equipment mover directory for information about heavy equipment movers in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a semi-truck hauling heavy construction equipment.
  • Heavy Duty Trucking Guide
    Browse this heavy duty trucking firm guide and directory to learn about heavy duty trucking companies in the United States. The photo on this page shows a heavy-duty truck on a grassy hill.
  • Caterpillar
    The Caterpillar Company has been in business for about 80 years. It is now the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment and diesel and gas engines. Website users can learn about their products, including heavy machinery, engines, and work tools. The site features a list of dealers and information about buying used products. The website also discusses Caterpillar's sustainability efforts as well as recent news.
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment
    Visit this construction machinery manufacturer directory for information about construction machinery and equipment manufacturers in the United States. The photo on this page depicts heavy construction equipment.
  • How Products are Made
    This website explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products from daily household items to complicated electronic equipment and heavy machinery. There are illustrations and diagrams to accompany the text, which is intended for a general audience. Also on the site are biographies of famous inventors. Searchable by product.
  • Cape Cod
    Cape Cod is a cape jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern part of Massachusetts. Its resorts, inns, and beaches attract heavy vacation traffic in the summer months. There are events happening through the various seasons of the year.
  • Caterpillar
    Caterpillar is a leading manufacturer of construction and mining heavy equipment. The machines they manufacture range from tracked tractors to hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, motor graders, off-highway trucks, wheel loaders, agricultural tractors, and locomotives. Their products are recognizable by their bright yellow color and the "CAT" logo.
  • Terex
    Terex Corporation is an American manufacturer of heavy equipment for industry. Major divisions of the company include aerial work platforms, construction cranes, material handling and port solutions, and materials processing.
The following articles provide recent heavy-related news.

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