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The word journal is a noun.  Journal means (1) the part of the axle contained by a bearing, (2) a record book as a physical object, (3) a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations, (4) a periodical dedicated to a particular subject, (5) a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word journal.
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the primary newspaper in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a seven-day morning paper that is distributed throughout the state of Wisconsin. The newspaper originated as the Journal, competing with four other English-language papers, four German-language papers, and two Polish-language papers. The Journal absorbed the Sentinel newspaper, thus the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel name.
  • Live Journal
    Live Journal, begun in 1999 and based in San Francisco, is an online journal service with an emphasis on user interaction. The basic service is free; users who pay receive premium features style choices, userpics, links, and more. Live Journal is an open source software development project; users can participate in the project with ideas and suggestions. Instructions on how to join on the website.
  • Linux Journal
    The Linux Journal, first published in 1994, covers the Linux community. It contains general information about the system, editorial comment, advertising, and distributors/retailers. The Journal helps readers find hardware, software, and services, and features articles for new users and professionals. Readers are generally primary professionals who need to make purchasing decisions.
  • The Albuquerque Journal
    The Albuquerque Journal, first published in 1880 as the Golden Gate, is the largest newspaper in New Mexico. It is published Monday through Saturday, with the expanded Sunday Journal on Sunday. The newspaper keeps New Mexico citizens connected and informed. Quarterly magazines are published as well.
  • Wall Street Journal Online
    The online edition of this business and financial news source features market data and tools as well as more in-depth information and analysis for paid subscribers. The Wall Street Journal is a Dow Jones publication.
  • PubMed Central (PMC)
    PMC is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. PMC was developed and is operated by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, a division of the National Library of Medicine. Articles are submitted by journal publishers, and they are available to users in full-text. Users can search by journal title or subject.
  • Nanotech
    This website comes from the Institute of Physics Publishing. It provides users with nanotechnology news, products, jobs, events and information. The site also contains highlights of the latest Nanotechnology Journal, subscription information, and how to submit a paper to the journal. There is also information of companies that use nanotechnology and the site can be searched by company name.
  • Blogging
    A blog is a type of online journal with entries sorted by date. Most blogging sites enable bloggers to connect with other users and follow blogs of interest, as well as gain a following of bloggers and non-bloggers alike.
  • The Children's Literature Web Guide
    Directory of Internet resources about books for children and young adults. Includes book awards, journal titles, book reviews, and recommended reading lists.
  • AAAS: Advancing Science, Serving Society
    The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) was founded in 1848 and publishes the journal Science, which has a readership of 1 million. The website describes what iAAAS does, how to join, its organization, and programs and other publications.
  • A List Apart
    A List Apart is an online journal for people who design and develop websites. The articles focus on web standards and best practices. The site is in sections including Code, Content, and Culture as well as Design, Process, and User Science.
  • BMJ
    BMJ is the British Medical Journal, a publication of the British Medical Association that has been online since 1995; the paper publication since 1840. The Journal's aim is to publish original scientific studies, review and educational articles, and papers commenting on the clinical, social, scientific, political and economic factors affecting health.
  • Economist.com
    This is the online website for the well-known British economics journal. The online site offers analysis of world business and current affairs, as well as news, an online forum for debating issues, city profiles, and more. The online site requires a subscription.
  • Find Articles
    Find Articles, located in San Francisco, is a LookSmart product. Find Articles provides free access to millions of articles searchable by specific journal, author, or subject. The articles are from selected academic, industry, and general interest publications. Archives date back to 1984. Users can also find a list of all the publications covered on the website.
  • FPA: Financial Planning Association
    FPA connects those who need, support, and deliver financial planning. Members include financial planners, accountants, company managers, and many more. The FPA publishes the Journal of Financial Planning, provides information to those planning careers in finance, and sponsors continuing education conferences, workshops, and publications. Consumers can learn about local chapters and find members who offer financial planning services.
  • MD Consult
    MD Consult was established in 1997 through a venture with certain medical publishers, including Saunders and Mosby. MD Consult is widely used by doctors to consult medical reference books, full-text journals and publications such as Clinics of North America, Journal Databases, Practice Guidelines, and Drug information.
  • Nature Publishing Group
    Nature.com is the publisher of many journals including the popular title Nature, a prestigious journal that is one of the few that publishes articles in many scientific disciplines. The journals are available by subscription and can be accessed through the Nature.com website. There are also many articles available free that are accessed by a subject search.
  • American Nurses Association
    This is the official website for the American Nurses Association representing 2.9 million nurses. The Association lobbies Congress and regulatory agencies on health care issues affecting nurses and the public. The website has information about membership and benefits for joining. There is also information about ANA publications, including OJIN, an online journal.
  • Physics World
    Physicsworld.com is the online version of the journal Physics World, a publication of the Institute of Physics. Users can read news stories, search for articles by subject area, find out about events, search for jobs, subscribe to the print version, and join the IOP. There is also a buyer's guide to companies and products.
  • Science Magazine
    Science Magazine is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Science has the largest paid circulation of any peer-reviewed journal. Along with Nature, a British publication, it is one of the few journals to deal with scientific topics from all fields. The website provides selected material free; complete information and full access is by subscription.
  • Scopus
    Scopus, an Elsevier product, is a subscription-only abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It includes journal publications, conference proceedings, scientific web pages, patents, and an alert service. It also has smart tools to track, visualize, and analyze research. On the website, users can get a free trial and view a demo.
  • The University of Tennessee--Knoxville
    UT Knoxville, a land-grant university, traces its origins to 1794. There are 20,400 undergraduates, 6,000 graduate students, and 1,400 faculty. UT's MBA program is ranked 5th among public universities by the Wall Street Journal, and there is also a well-known graduate program in nuclear engineering. More about all UT Knoxville programs, visiting the school, and applying on the website.
  • Association of Field Ornithologists
    The Association of Field Ornithologists (AFO) is a society of professional and amateur ornithologists dedicated to the scientific study and dissemination of information about birds in their natural habitats. Founded in 1922 as the New England Bird Banding Association, this origin promoted an emphasis on bird banding and field techniques. Today, the AFO publishes the Journal of Field Ornithology and serves as a bridge between the professional and the amateur ornithologist.
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