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The word lucent is an adjective.  Lucent means (1) softly bright or radiant.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word lucent.
  • Avaya
    Avaya is a global telecommunications company specializing in enterprise telephony and call center technology. It was spun off from Lucent Technologies in 2000. On the website are a description of the services offered by Avaya and wha t support is offered. There is also information about events and conventions where users can see Avaya products.
  • Juniper Networks
    Juniper, founded in 1996 and located in California, is a major IT company. They produce networking platforms and security products. All the products are designed to enhance user productivity. The company partners with some major computer companies such as Ericsson, Lucent, and Siemens to produce routers and links between systems. Information about their products and services on the website.
  • Qarbon
    Founded in 1997, Qarbon is a producer of presentation software. With it, trainers, technologists, marketers, or support personnel can create and publish interactive presentations, demos, simulations and tutorials in minutes. The software is currently used by such organizations as BlackBoard.com, Sony, Lucent, Turner Broadcasting, and many others. They also provide service and training.
The following digital image illustrates the word lucent.
Lucent Sunset Over a Cape Cod Harbor Lucent Sunset Over a Cape Cod Harbor
Lucent Sunset Over a Cape Cod Harbor

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