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Missouri is a proper noun.  Missouri is (1) a dialect of the Chiwere language spoken by the Missouri people, (2) a midwestern state in central United States; a border state during the American Civil War, Missouri was admitted to the Confederacy without actually seceding from the Union, (3) the longest river in the United States; arises in Montana and flows southeastward to become a tributary of the Mississippi at Saint Louis, (4) a member of the Siouan people formerly inhabiting the valley of the Missouri river in Missouri.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun Missouri.
  • Missouri Map
    Missouri is the 18th largest USA state, bordered by Iowa, Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. Visit this site to learn more about Missouri and find printable maps of the state.
  • Missouri State Government
    Jefferson City is Missouri's capital city. Learn about the Missouri state government, and its departments, operations, and services. Find Missouri travel and tourism information, and read about living and working in the Show Me State.
  • Missouri Real Estate Guide
    Learn about urban, rural, and suburban real estate markets in Missouri. Real estate agents, buyers, and sellers will appreciate the Missouri real estate resources on this page.
  • Missouri Atlas
    Missouri state history, geography, and travel information are the subjects of this Missouri atlas page.
  • Missouri National Parks
    This National Park directory page lists National Parks, Historic Landmarks, and Natural Landmarks in the State of Missouri. An interactive Missouri map, plus photos and highlights, are included thereon.
  • City of Kansas City, Missouri
    Browse the official government web site of the City of Kansas City, Missouri to learn about city services for business, residents, and visitors. Find Kansas City government departments, e-services, forms, and maps.
  • Washington University in St Louis
    Washington University, founded in 1853, is a medium-sized, independent university. There are almost 11,000 students and 3000 faculty. Besides arts and sciences, WU has graduate programs in Business, Design & Visual Arts, Architecture, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Social Work.
  • Illinois Map
    Illinois is the 24th largest state in the USA, bounded by the states of Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, and Missouri. Visit this site to learn more about the state, and find printable maps of Illinois.
  • Iowa Map
    Iowa is the 23rd largest state in the United States, bordered by Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Visit this site to learn more, and find printable maps of Iowa.
  • Kansas Map
    Kansas is the 13th largest state in the United States, and is bordered by Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. Visit this site to learn more about Kansas, and find printable maps of the state.
  • Kentucky Map
    Kentucky is the 36th largest state in the United States, and is bordered by Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia, and Illinois.
  • Nebraska Map
    Nebraska is the 15th largest USA state, bordered by South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Missouri, and Colorado. Visit this site to learn more about Nebraska and find printable maps of the state.
  • Oklahoma Map
    Oklahoma is the 19th largest state in the USA, bounded by Kansas, Texas, Arkansas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Colorado. Visit this site to learn more about the State of Oklahoma and find printable maps of Oklahoma.
  • Tennessee Map
    Tennessee is the 34th largest USA state, bounded by Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, Georgia, Missouri, and Mississippi. Visit this site to learn more and find printable maps of Tennessee.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Enterprise got its start in St. Louis, Missouri with 7 cars. Today Enterprise has almost 7,000 offices in the U.S., Canada, and several other countries. They advertise that there is an office within 15 miles of 90% of the population in the U.S. Users to the website can reserve a car online and check on types of cars and trucks available and cost. Users can also find out about buying used cars.
  • Sigma-Aldrich
    Sigma-Aldrich, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a Life Science and High Technology company. They manufacture biochemical and organic chemical kits used in scientific and genomic research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, diagnosis of disease, and key components in pharmaceuticals. Users can learn about the company and order chemicals from the website.
  • Kansas City Star
    The Kansas City Star, published since 1880, is a daily newspaper located in Kansas City, Missouri. Both Harry Truman and Ernest Hemmingway at one time worked for the Star. It is a source for sports, local news, business, real estate, shopping, etc. in the Kansas City area.
The following articles provide recent Missouri-related news.
  • Hospitals in Missouri filling up with COVID cases
    With its relatively low vaccination rate, Missouri is under a crush of COVID-19 patients as hospitals are filled to capacity. One unvaccinated woman who's been hospitalized for weeks is now urging everyone to get the shot. ...
    CBS News.  Friday, 21 Jan 2022 22:43:13 -0500.
  • Missouri preliminary deer hunting numbers lower than last year
    The Missouri Department of Conservation released the preliminary numbers for the most recent deer hunt.
    Michael Hollan.  Fox News.  Thursday, 20 Jan 2022 11:00:15 GMT.
  • American Water (AWK) Missouri Unit to Invest in Water Mains
    American Water Works' (AWK) arm is set to invest $52 million to upgrade 18 miles of aging water mains. This is going to improve water pressure in the pipelines and lower the possibility of leakage.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Wednesday, 19 Jan 2022 16:20:00 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the proper noun Missouri.
Missouri Flag Missouri Flag
Missouri Flag

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