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The word molecular is an adjective.  Molecular means (1) relating to or produced by or consisting of molecules.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word molecular.
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information
    The Center was begun in 1988 as a division of the National Library of Medicine, under the National Institutes of Health. The Center operates as a national resource for molecular biology information. It creates national databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biotechnical information.
  • Nanotechnology Investing
    Nanotechnology encompasses research and development at molecular or atomic levels from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology investment can reap big rewards for the prudent investor.
  • Government Investments
    Nanotechnology is a science devoted to research and development at molecular or atomic levels. Find an overview of nanotechnology and learn about government investment into nanotechnology.
The following articles provide recent molecular-related news.
  • Tarantula toxin attacks with molecular stinger
    A bird-catching Chinese tarantula bite contains a stinger-like poison that plunges into a molecular target in the electrical signaling system of their prey's nerve cells. ...
    Science Daily.  Monday, 23 Nov 2020 12:07:26 EST.
  • Can Diagnostics Aid Hologic (HOLX) Q4 Sales Amid Coronavirus?
    Strength in Molecular Diagnostics business is likely to have continued to aid Hologic's (HOLX) performance in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020 amid the coronavirus-led economic doldrums.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020 19:01:00 GMT.
  • A2LA Accredits New Mobile Laboratory Services from MEMP Service Corp.
    This mobile biosurveillance solution allows MEMP to deploy an on-site molecular testing laboratory to any location and provide test results in four hours or less for a wide variety of ...
    PRWeb.  Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020 00:00:00 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the word molecular.
Molecular Structure Illustrated
Molecular Structure — Abstract Illustration

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