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November is a proper noun.  November is (1) the month following October and preceding December.
The following articles provide more information about the proper noun November.
  • Daily Front Row
    Founded in November, 2002, this fashion industry publication provides up-to-date news coverage and feature stories on trends, developments, and shows in the world of fashion.
  • Articles of Confederation
    The Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation on November 15, 1777, and all thirteen states ratified them by March 1, 1781. These Articles created a federation of sovereign states with a weak central government, leaving most powers with the state governments. In 1787, after the need for a stronger Federal government became apparent, the Constitutional Convention was convened; the United States Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation on March 4, 1789.
  • Professional Paddlesports Association
    In 1977, several paddlesports businesspeople founded the National Association of Canoe Liveries and Outfitters Inc. (NACLO). In November 1995 members changed the organization's name to the Professional Paddlesports Association to better represent the comprehensive paddlesports industry. Today, this association strives to increase people's safe and enjoyable participation in paddlesports through the information it provides about safety, paddling locations, and paddling basics.
The following articles provide recent November-related news.
  • Third teenager charged over murders of two 16-year-old boys a mile apart
    Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo were both stabbed to death on November 26.
    Nina Lloyd.  The Independent.  Saturday, 03 Dec 2022 16:03:54 GMT.
  • CBS Evening News, December 2, 2022
    Surprising November jobs report shows strong hiring; Interracial couple marries decades after being torn apart
    CBS News.  Saturday, 03 Dec 2022 08:59:39 -0500.
  • Stop underestimating Joe Biden
    We've just been through the November midterms. There were winners and loser. Biden was a surprise winner. It's time for Republicans to wise up and understand what is and isnt working.
    Newt Gingrich.  Fox News.  Saturday, 03 Dec 2022 13:00:25 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the proper noun November.
November - Thanksgiving Cornucopia November - Thanksgiving Cornucopia
November - Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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