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The phrase power tool is a noun.  Power Tool means (1) a tool driven by a motor.
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  • Power Tool Glossary
    Power tools include tools used to drill, cut, and shape. This power tool glossary provides information about different power tools as well as links to power tool suppliers.
  • Power Tool
    Power tools are essential for tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers. Primary power tools use 120 volt AC current and include drills, saws, shaping tools, and impact tools.
  • Electric Tools Directory
    Visit this electric tool supplier directory for information about electric power tools and electric tool suppliers in the United States. The photo on this page shows an electric sander.
  • Cordless Drills
    Cordless drills are practical and convenient for places where outlets are not readily available. Visit this site to learn about the similarities and differences between cordless and corded drills.
  • Table Saws
    Table saws feature a circular motorized blade and are ideal for making long straight cuts. Different types of table saws include portable table saws, contractors saws, cabinet saws, and hybrid saws.
The following articles provide recent power tool-related news.
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Power Tool Examples Power Tool Examples
Six Yellow Power Tools

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