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The word programming is a noun.  Programming means (1) creating a sequence of instructions to enable the computer to do something, (2) setting an order and time for planned events.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word programming.
  • Ruby Programming Language
    Ruby is an open-source programming language was released in 1995. It is a mix of a number of other programming languages that has been growing in popularity for its simplicity and flexibility of use. It also works on most platforms. The website contains technical information about Ruby, how to download and use, and user groups, blogs, mailing lists, and more.
  • Zeducorp
    Founded in 1983, Zeducorp is a professional consulting firm that offers web consulting and marketing solutions, including targeted website marketing and custom database development services.
  • Perl
    Perl, developed in 1987, is a stable, cross platform programming language that takes the best features of other programming languages. It is open source and has become the most popular web programming language, sometimes referred to as the duct-tape of the Internet. On the website, users can find out about Perl, download it, consult documentation, find out about events, and more.
  • CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
    Perl is a high-level programming language that derives from C programming language. Perl is simple to learn. Users can find out how to get Perl and how to add to it on the website. Also on the site are some examples of problems and places that have used Perl.
  • ABC News Australia
    This is the website for ABC in Australia. Like its counterpart in the U.S., the site provides news in Australia, world news, sports, weather, radio and television programming, and much more.
  • Comcast
    Comcast, located in Philadelphia, is a provider of cable, entertainment and communications products. It is involved in broadband cable networks and in the delivery of programming content. Comcast serves customers in 39 states. The website describes the company and its services. Also on the site are prices for each of the services.
    DIRECTV, headquartered in El Segundo, California, delivers satellite-based TV services to U.S. customers in homes and businesses. The website provides information about how the system works, calculating the user's savings compared to other services, on-line bill payment for current customers, services, programming, and pay per view. Special offers are also described on the site.
  • Discovery Communications
    This is the website for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Health, The Science Channel, The Military Channel, TLC and others. The website lists TV shows and times, news, videos, searches by subjects relevant to Discovery Communications programming, news, and access to the Discovery Shop.
  • NBC News
    This is the website for NBC news. It is a major provider of news of all kinds. Searchable by subject. It also contains links to Newsweek, and programming information from NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, MSNBC TV, Dateline, and Meet the Press.
  • MTV
    MTV (Music Television) is a television station aimed particularly at a young adult audience. When it began in 1981 on American cable television in New York City, it was primarily a music site, but it has moved into other programming such as reality TV. The website covers many aspects of youth culture including movies, tv, music, personalities, news, games, and even activism.
  • News Corporation
    News Corporation is a diversified entertainment company with operations in 8 industry segments: filmed entertainment; television; cable network programming; direct broadcast satellite television; magazines and inserts; newspapers; book publishing; and other assets including MySpace, Rotten Tomatoes, Fox.com, and more.
  • NPR: National Public Radio
    NPR is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of non-commercial news, talk, and entertainment programming. It is a privately supported, non-profit with over 800 independently operating radio stations. The website provides up-to-date news, information about programs and scheduling, news blogs, music, a Daily News Quiz, books, the NPR store, and how to contribute to NPR.
  • PBS Kids
    PBS Kids is the website for children from the Public Broadcasting System. On it, kids can find out schedules for children's programming, music, games, and printable pages to color. There is also a parents' site to help parents learn about child development from birth through early childhood years, and a site for teachers with free preK-12 educational resources.
  • Perl
    Perl is a computer programming language. The website contains resources on downloading and installing Perl, a 6-part tutorial on learning it, Perl articles, and Perl weblogs.
  • Phpbb
    This website offers an Open Source forum solution using the php programming language. Since its inception, phbBB has become a popular Bulletin Board product. Key features include powerful permission systems, private messaging, search functions, a customizable template and language system, as well as support for multiple databases. There is no charge for this software.
  • Python
    This is the official website for the Python Programming Language. Python is free and can be downloaded from the website which also offers tutorials and support. NASA and many other important businesses and organizations use Python.
  • Stanford Alumni Association
    The Stanford Alumni Association was founded in 1892. It offers a bimonthly magazine; online communication and networking tools; academic and social programming; a worldwide travel/study program; Stanford-related products and initiatives. On the website, Alumni can find out about class members, news, events, membership, lifelong learning, reunions, and Stanford links.
  • Textpattern
    Textpattern is a flexible, easy to use management system that is free and open-source. Textpattern offers a way to program without complicated programming languages and systems by its use of Textile, which is a simple syntax for moving and formatting data. The website contains information about hardware requirements, specific information about using the software, and selected Textpattern sites.
  • Voice of America
    The Voice of America, which first went on the air in 1942, is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government. VOA broadcasts more than 1000 hours of news, information, educational and cultural programs every week to more than 115 million people around the world. The VOA broadcasts in 45 different languages. Users to the website can find programming information.
The following articles provide recent programming-related news.
  • Esports Content Now On NBC(LX)
    NBC has started offering Esports gaming programming on their over the air and streaming network, NBCLX.
    By Mike Vorhaus, Contributor.  Forbes.  Monday, 16 Nov 2020 21:54:39 -0500.
  • NBCLX adds ESR esports to its programming lineup starting November 16
    Network will premiere esports entertainment across all of its platforms.
    PRWeb.  Monday, 16 Nov 2020 00:00:00 GMT.
  • A pig in a pickle
    A seemingly drama-free webcam stream, of a pig in a barn in Upstate New York, suddenly turned into hot programming when the barn caught fire. ...
    CBS News.  Sunday, 15 Nov 2020 09:40:47 -0500.

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