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The word reserve is a noun.  Reserve means (1) the trait of being uncommunicative; not volunteering anything more than necessary, (2) formality and propriety of manner, (3) armed forces that are not on active duty but can be called in an emergency, (4) a district that is reserved for particular purpose, (5) an athlete who plays only when another member of the team drops out, (6) something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose, (7) (medicine) potential capacity to respond in order to maintain vital functionsReserve is also a verb that means (1) give or assign a share of money or time to a particular person or cause, (2) obtain or arrange (for oneself) in advance, (3) hold back or set aside, especially for future use or contingency, (4) arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word reserve.
  • Federal Reserve
    The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. The Federal Reserve Bank is in change of ensuring the stability of the currency and monetary system of the United States.
  • History of the Federal Reserve
    Congress created the Federal Reserve System in 1913 as a means to supervise U.S. banking. Learn more about the Federal Reserve and how it controls our financial system.
  • Reserve America
    ReserveAmerica provides North American campsite reservations for the general public as well as campground management tools for government and private campground operators.
  • Federal Funds Rate
    View this website to learn about the Federal Funds rate, which is the rate at which banks lend money to each other from their deposits to the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Cheapoair
    This travel website features low airline flight fares. Users can search for flights by city or airport. Users can also reserve rental cars and hotels. There are links to travel specials, destinations, and, weekend getaways as well as student airfares, romantic trips, and vacations.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    Enterprise got its start in St. Louis, Missouri with 7 cars. Today Enterprise has almost 7,000 offices in the U.S., Canada, and several other countries. They advertise that there is an office within 15 miles of 90% of the population in the U.S. Users to the website can reserve a car online and check on types of cars and trucks available and cost. Users can also find out about buying used cars.
  • The Navy
    This is the website for the United States Navy. On the site, users can find out how to join the Navy, become an officer, join in many of their health career opportunities, get a scholarship for college, join the Navy Reserve and more. Also on the site is information about exactly it is like to be in the Navy. There are Navy games, screensavers, videos, a message board and much more.
The following articles provide recent reserve-related news.
  • Stock Market News for July 12, 2024
    Wall Street closed higher on Thursday as market participants digested inflation data, which fueled expectations of potential interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve later this year.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Friday, 12 Jul 2024 12:27:00 GMT.
  • In a boost for consumers, U.S. inflation is cooling fast
    The latest consumer price data furthers the case for an interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve as soon as September.
    CBS News.  Thursday, 11 Jul 2024 10:29:52 -0400.
  • Tourist killed by elephant 'defending its young'
    A Spanish tourist has been trampled to death by elephants at a wildlife reserve in South Africa.
    Sky News.  Tuesday, 09 Jul 2024 18:17:00 +0100.

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