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The word roller is a noun.  Roller means (1) a grounder that rolls along the infield, (2) pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground, (3) Old World bird that tumbles or rolls in flight; related to kingfishers, (4) a mechanical device consisting of a cylindrical tube around which the hair is wound to curl it, (5) a cylinder that revolves, (6) a small wheel without spokes (as on a roller skate), (7) a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word roller.
  • InLine Skates
    Unlike traditional roller skates, inline skates have four or five wheels arranged in one straight line and a heel stop for braking. A French inventor patented the first inline skate in 1819.
  • Skating Equipment
    Roller skating and rollerblading are two popular forms of skating. Learn more about skating and find links to skating equipment manufacturers and other sporting goods stores.
  • Skating
    Learn about ice skating and roller skating and view photographs of ice skaters and roller skaters. Information about ice skates and roller skates is included on the page.
  • Automotive Paint Directory
    Visit this auto paint vendor directory for information about auto paint products and services in the United States of America. The photograph on this page depicts a woman painting a car with a paint roller.
  • Hockey Gear
    Americans play four different types of hockey: ice hockey, rink hockey, field hockey, and in-line roller hockey. In addition to hockey sticks, each type of hockey requires specialized equipment.
  • Hockey
    Learn about the various types of hockey on this website, including ice, field, indoor, and roller hockey. Details about each type are given.
The following articles provide recent roller-related news.

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