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The word salary is a noun.  Salary means (1) something that remunerates.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word salary.
  • Salary.com
    Salary.com is useful for individuals to check on the range of salaries by profession. It is also useful to management to help attract, motivate, reward, and retain employees. Salary.com software and analysis tools are used by talent-searching companies, consulting services, outsourcing businesses, and others. The website describes all their services and products.
  • Glassdoor Salaries
    This website provides personalized salary estimates based on work history and job markets. Website visitors can compare salary statistics for various jobs, locations, and experience levels.
  • CareerBuilder
    CareerBuilder, operated by The Gannett Company, offers a vast online and print network to help jobseekers connect with employers. Users can search by job title or location, browse job categories, search by company and others. Also help with resumes, a career test, salary calculator, job fairs, and more.
The following articles provide recent salary-related news.
  • Where Real Wages Rose & Where They Stagnated [Infographic]
    2022 has been a year where inflation has seriously eaten into or even totally diminished any salary increases workers might have received. For people in some countries, this scenario has actually been a reality for decades.
    By Katharina Buchholz, Contributor.  Forbes.  Thursday, 26 Jan 2023 09:45:25 -0500.
  • Fintech Salary Finance secures £300m JP Morgan credit line
    One of Britain's biggest workplace lenders has secured a £300m credit line backed by the Wall Street behemoth JP Morgan as it seeks to add to a roster of clients that includes Tesco and Tesla.
    Sky News.  Thursday, 26 Jan 2023 10:43:00 +0000.
  • Making salary ranges public may shrink pay gaps but slow wage growth
    Pay transparency laws benefit marginalized workers, but economists warn they could also diminish the negotiating power of the labor force at large.
    CNBC.  Tuesday, 24 Jan 2023 18:35:52 GMT.
The following digital image illustrates the word salary.
Salary Increases for a Businessman Salary Increases for a Businessman
Salary Increases for a Businessman

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