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The word screen is a noun.  Screen means (1) something that keeps things out or hinders sight, (2) protective covering consisting of a metallic netting mounted in a frame and covering windows or doors (especially for protection against insects), (3) a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something, (4) partition consisting of a decorative frame or panel that serves to divide a space, (5) display on the surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube on which is electronically created, (6) a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing, (7) a door that is a screen to keep insects from entering a building through the open door, (8) a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particlesScreen is also a verb that means (1) examine methodically, (2) protect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm, (3) separate with a riddle, as grain from chaff, (4) prevent from entering, (5) project onto a screen for viewing, (6) examine in order to test suitability, (7) test or examine for the presence of disease or infection.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word screen.
  • Big Screen Televisions
    Visit this big screen televisions retailer directory for information about big screen television retailers in the United States. The illustration on this web page depicts a big screen TV with a blue screen.
  • LCD Monitors
    While there are several ways to display output from a computer, the most common way is via a color liquid crystal display, or LCD. These displays are also known as flat panel displays or LCD monitors.
  • History of Cameras
    Photography owes much to camera obscura, a medieval technology in which an outside image was displayed on to an inside wall or screen.
  • Shavers
    Electric shavers, or razors, have motor-driven blades that oscillate or rotate behind a metal screen for a close shave. Electric razors are safer than manual razors because the blades do not touch the skin surface.
  • Typewriters
    Electronic typewriters of today are much different than the manual typewriters of the past. They may include features such as a small LCD screen displaying text, as well as a spelling checker and page numbering.
  • Video Projectors
    A video projector uses a video signal to project an image onto a screen. Video projectors use CRT, LCD, or DLP technology. Visit this site to learn more about video projectors.
  • Freedom Scientific
    Freedom Scientific produces assistive and adaptive technology for individuals who are blind, or how low vision or learning disabilities. The website contains information about products that can take notes, translate documents into Braille, screen magnification devices, and the accessories which go with these products. Also online are links to support services and training.
  • Java.com
    Java is a Sun Microsystems product. The website lists the products which include animated greeting cards, games, screen savers and more. The site is also for developers to showcase their products, and the site also offers tips and and contests.
  • Monster Jobs
    Monster, founded in 1994, is a huge website for both job seekers and employers. Users can search job ads and also post their resumes. There is advice on job seeking and resume preparation. Employers can post jobs, search resumes, screen applicants and streamline the hiring process. There is also information about moving for people who have to relocate. The website gets users started.
  • Four Seasons
    Four Seasons Solar Products was founded as a green house supplier in 1975, and has become a well-known manufacturer of seasonal greenhouses, florida rooms, and screen enclosures as well as year-round sunrooms, solariums and conservatories.
The following articles provide recent screen-related news.
  • These are the screen resolutions for the upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro
    Apple seeded the latest beta of macOS Monterey days ago. As with every new Apple release, eager software miners took to their skillsets to scour the code,
    Alex Allegro.  Pocket Lint.  Friday, 24 Sep 2021 17:18:00 +0100.
  • Here's Why "Trend" Investors Would Love Betting on OFG (OFG)
    OFG (OFG) made it through our "Recent Price Strength" screen and could be a great choice for investors looking to make a profit from stocks that are currently on the move.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Friday, 24 Sep 2021 12:50:07 GMT.
  • How to Help Relieve Dry Eyes
    That gritty, itchy feeling in your eyes can arise from many causes, including too much screen time, and eye drops may only make it worse.
    Jane E. Brody.  New York Times.  Monday, 20 Sep 2021 09:00:15 +0000.

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