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The word sheet is a noun.  Sheet means (1) a large piece of fabric (as canvas) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel, (2) bed linen consisting of a large rectangular piece of cotton or linen cloth; used in pairs, (3) (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind, (4) a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width, (5) used for writing or printing, (6) newspaper with half-size pages, (7) any broad thin expanse or surface, (8) (mathematics) an unbounded two-dimensional shapeSheet is also a verb that means (1) cover with a sheet, as if by wrapping, (2) come down as if in sheets.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word sheet.
  • Sheet Metal Contractor Guide
    Browse this sheet metal contractor guide and directory to learn about sheet metal contractors in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a sheet metal worker fabricating a metal tube.
  • Sheet Metal Equipment and Supplies
    Browse this sheet metal products manufacturer directory for information about sheet metal equipment and supplies manufacturers and distributors in the USA. The photo on this page shows a sheet metal bending machine.
  • Sheet Metal
    Visit this sheet metal manufacturer directory for information about sheet metal manufacturers and wholesalers in the USA. The photo on this page depicts three disparate sheet metal surface textures.
  • Sheet Metal Contracting Careers
    This sheet metal contractor page comprises information about sheet metal contracting careers in the United States of America plus a photo of bales of stainless steel sheets.
  • Vinyl Flooring
    Vinyl flooring is durable, low cost, and easy to install, clean, and maintain. Learn more about vinyl flooring and find helpful links to manufacturers of vinyl floors.
  • Musical Instruments
    Check out this musical instruments retailer directory to locate musical instrument retailers in the United States. The photo on this web page depicts a few classical musical instruments, with sheet music.
  • Library of Congress American Memory
    Primary source and archival materials relating to American culture and history. Browse writings and speeches, sound recordings, photographs and video images as well as prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience.
The following articles provide recent sheet-related news.

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