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The word skiing is a noun.  Skiing means (1) a sport in which participants must travel on skis.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word skiing.
  • Skiing
    Learn about two types of skiing - Nordic and Alpine - on this helpful website. Pictures and links to related websites are also included.
  • Skiing Equipment
    Skiing developed originally as a cross-country means of transportation during winter months, only later developing into a recreational activity.
  • Water Skiing Directory
    Browse this water skiing directory for information about water skiing products and services in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a water skier producing a rooster tail.
  • Ski Equipment
    Ski equipment varies depending on the type of skiing. Alpine skiing, also known as downhill skiing, requires downhill skis and poles, as well as goggles and sometimes form fitting suits.
  • Nordic Skis
    This website details Nordic skis and other skiing equipment. Photographs are also included. Learn about cross-country skiing on this website.
  • Ski Resorts
    Ski resorts are a popular winter vacation destination for many. In addition to skiing, snowboarding and lodging, some resorts also provide on-site dining.
  • Sports Guide
    This guide features helpful information on a variety of sports as well as links to sporting goods stores, equipment, and more.
The following articles provide recent skiing-related news.
  • Swedish court clears driver in fatal school bus crash
    The driver of a school bus which crashed on its way to a skiing trip in Sweden has been cleared of all charges.
    The Local.  Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019 12:28:39 +0200.
  • 3/31: CBS Evening News
    White House doubles down on Trump's threat to shutdown border; Kids of Courage takes kids skiing
    CBS News.  Monday, 01 Apr 2019 02:54:28 +0000.
  • Kids of Courage takes kids skiing
    We introduce you to a group of remarkable kids: They are battling for their lives, but refusing to let fear, difficulty or disability stop them
    CBS News.  Monday, 01 Apr 2019 02:49:35 +0000.
  • Yosemite to remain open for skiing 2 weeks longer
    Yosemite National Park officials say parts of the park will remain open for skiing and snowshoeing two weeks longer than usual thanks to the abundance of snow
    ABC News.  Thursday, 28 Mar 2019 19:35:53 -0400.
  • U.S. Olympic champion Randall says she is cancer free
    Kikkan Randall, who last year helped the United States win their first Olympic cross-country skiing title, said on Tuesday that she believed she was cancer free after finishing treatment for stage two breast cancer a month ago.
    Reuters.  Tuesday, 26 Mar 2019 18:55:17 -0400.
  • Cassie Sharpe tops podium at Mammoth Mountain ski halfpipe
    Canada's Cassie Sharpe skied to gold at the freestyle skiing World Cup event on Saturday at Mammoth Mountain.
    CBC News.  Saturday, 9 Mar 2019 20:23:19 EST.
  • Cyclist admits blood doping amid investigations into network
    The blood doping case which started with police raids at the Nordic skiing world championships four days ago spread to cycling on Sunday.
    Fox News.  Sunday, 03 Mar 2019 15:45:53 GMT.
The following pages provide more extensive skiing news.
  • Skiing News
    Recent news stories about the topic skiing, aggregated from diverse, English-language news sources.
    Regional Directory News. 
  • Skiing Tweets
    Recent English-language tweets that include the hashtag skiing.
The following digital image illustrates the word skiing.
Young Woman Skiing Downhill
Young Woman Skiing Downhill

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