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The word steam is a noun.  Steam means (1) water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphereSteam is also a verb that means (1) cook something by letting steam pass over it, (2) clean by means of steaming, (3) get very angry, (4) travel by means of steam power, (5) rise as vapor, (6) emit steam.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word steam.
  • Steam Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
    Browse this steam cleaning equipment and supplies directory to find steam cleaning equipment and steam cleaning supplies retailers in the USA. The photo on this page shows a man using steam cleaning equipment to clean a carpet.
  • Railroad Directory
    Visit this railroad directory for information about railroad companies and service providers in the United States of America. The photo on this page shows a vintage railroad steam engine.
  • Cooking Appliances
    Introduction to built-in kitchen appliances that are used to cook food, including ranges, stoves, cooktops, and ovens, as well as hoods that are used to exhaust heat, smoke, steam, and cooking odors.
  • Craviotto Drums
    Craviotto Drum Company manufactures handcrafted, steam bent, solid shell snare drums, drum sets, and concert percussion instruments.
The following articles provide recent steam-related news.
  • You might be able to buy a Steam Deck without reservation soon
    Valve has been working hard on delivering Steam Deck orders as fast as possible. So much so that it might well be fulfilling all current orders for the
    Adrian Willings.  Pocket Lint.  Friday, 23 Sep 2022 10:30:00 +0100.
  • 1 Stock You Should Consider Leaving Behind
    Online brokerage Robinhood Markets (HOOD), which made commission-free trades popular, had a stellar run post its listing last year. However, the company soon ran out of steam as its ...
    Dipanjan Banchur.  Entrepreneur.  Monday, 12 Sep 2022 14:06:33 GMT.
  • Ex-ambassador to Mexico says Mayorkas should be impeached
    The push to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has gained more steam with America's former ambassador to Mexico saying he supports the idea.
    Stephen Dinan.  Washington Times.  Monday, 12 Sep 2022 08:21:07 -0400.
The following digital image illustrates the word steam.
Vintage Steam Engine Vintage Steam Engine
Vintage Steam Engine

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