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The word technological is an adjective.  Technological means (1) based in scientific and industrial progressTechnological is also an adjective that means (1) of or relating to a practical subject that is organized according to scientific principles.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word technological.
  • Nano-Tech Companies
    Nanotechnology refers to technological developments on the nanometer scale. One nanometer equals one-thousandth of a micrometer or one-millionth of a millimeter.
  • United States Department of Commerce
    The responsibility of the Department is to foster, serve, and promote the Nation's economic development and technological advancement. Among the Bureaus within the Department are the Bureau of the Census, International Trade Administration, Patent and Trademark Office, and others. The website describes the organization of the Department and its programs.
  • How Stuff Works
    Includes many articles that explain how a wide variety of natural processes and technological products work.
The following articles provide recent technological-related news.
  • Paylocity (PCTY) Earnings & Revenues Beat Estimates in Q4
    Paylocity's (PCTY) Q4 results reflect the benefits of better sales executions and its sustained investments in technological upgrades and product innovation.
    Zacks Equity Research.  Zacks.  Friday, 05 Aug 2022 11:27:00 GMT.
  • Face-to-Face Meetings are Important for SO Many Reasons
    You may ask whether face-to-face or in-person meetings are still vital in today’s digital era of communication. Yes, they are; let’s see why. Despite technological advancements, many firms still ...
    Hunter Meine.  Entrepreneur.  Saturday, 30 Jul 2022 15:00:27 GMT.
  • These superb pictures of retro tech will show you how far we've come
    There's nothing like an advert for a spurious technological product in black and white to make you realise just how much progress we've made as a tech
    Max Freeman-mills.  Pocket Lint.  Wednesday, 27 Jul 2022 13:35:00 +0100.
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Technology Collage Technology Collage
Technology Collage

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