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The word translation is a noun.  Translation means (1) the act of uniform movement, (2) the act of changing in form or shape or appearance, (3) rewording something in less technical terminology, (4) a written communication in a second language having the same meaning as the written communication in a first language, (5) a uniform movement without rotation, (6) (genetics) the process whereby genetic information coded in messenger RNA directs the formation of a specific protein at a ribosome in the cytoplasm, (7) (mathematics) a transformation in which the origin of the coordinate system is moved to another position but the direction of each axis remains the same.
The following articles and web pages elaborate on the word translation.
  • WorldLingo Language Translation Service
    This service, founded in 1998, was the first Internet service of its kind. It translates in 140 languages. On the website, users can find out the kinds of translations they offer from automotive to legal to medical to gaming and many other types. They offer several different kinds of products, including a currency converter. They also will provide a quote for a professional human translation.
  • Babel Fish Translation
    Translates text from English to many different languages and also from other languages to English.
  • Bible Translation
    The Bible is comprised of 66 books; 39 in the Old Testament, and 27 in the New Testament. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek.
  • Grace and Truth in the Bible
    The Bible speaks of grace as well as truth. It speaks of God's grace and love, who gave His only begotten Son that sinners might know Him and be with Him eternally.
  • AltaVista
    AltaVista is a search engine that searches the Internet around the world or just in the USA. Contains Babel Fish translation capability on the homepage and is also divided into separate categories such as travel, people finder, answers, and much more.
  • PR Newswire
    PR Newswire was founded in 1954 and is located in New York City with offices in 11 other countries. It provides electronic distribution, targeting, measurement, translation and broadcast services on behalf of corporate, government, labor, nonprofit, and other organizations. It is widely used by news reporters, investors, and others. The website describes the organization and its services.
The following articles provide recent translation-related news.
  • Hand-Movement Sensing Bracelet Could Revolutionize Activity Tracking
    A bracelet that can continuously track human hand movements could automate sign-language translation and help monitor disease progression and unhealthy behaviors.
    By Helen Albert, Contributor.  Forbes.  Monday, 27 Jul 2020 19:31:06 -0400.
  • Greater flood risks in coastal region of China
    New research has revealed that the observed average moving speed (or translation speed) of tropical cyclones making landfall over the coast of China dropped by 11% between 1961 and 2017. ...
    Science Daily.  Thursday, 16 Jul 2020 10:15:56 EDT.
  • 'English-only' test and trace failing to contain virus
    Contact tracers have warned that the government's test and trace scheme may be failing to contain the spread of coronavirus because it does not provide translation services for staff.
    Sky News.  Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 11:32:00 +0100.

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